As baby showers are becoming more and more common place in the UK, mums, sisters and friends are looking for unique, fun ways to celebrate the imminent arrival of a new baby.  We’ve looked around, asked our members and pulled on personal experience to come up with our top 10 baby shower activities, that will be helpful for mum-to-be and won’t make the guests cringe!

1. Book of wisdom

Any new mum will find that she is bombarded with well meaning advice once her baby is born.  Rather than inundate her once she’s up to her ears in nappies, breast pads and bottles, why not buy a blank book and have each guest write their top tips and advice for her to look through before the baby comes?!

 2. Bespoke Baby Clothes

Now, any of us can pop to the highstreet to buy a new outfit for the new arrival, but we LOVE this idea… Buy a few plain babygrows, vests or even socks along with some fabric pens and have everyone at the baby shower design their very own personalised creation for the new baby!!

3. Bunting Brigade

Provide all the guests with a triangle of fabric, either beforehand or on the day in the colour scheme of the new nursery.  Each guest can decorate their own triangle and they can then all be connected to make personalised bunting for the new baby’s bedroom.

4. Boy or Girl Ballot

Obviously one for babies who haven’t been labelled pink or blue yet!!  Set up a chalkboard for everyone to guess whether the baby will be a boy or girl… If the gender is known, you could set up a vote for baby names!

5. Name inspiration

Much more fun than reading through name books!! Have each guest write any names they can think of in an allotted time.  The winner is the person who writes the most names, but you never know, they could come up with a name that you haven’t thought of yet!

6. Guess the Baby

Ah we like this one, good for a giggle too! With each invitation to the baby shower, include a note instructing guests to bring along or email you a picture of themselves as babies. Assign a number to each picture and post it up on the wall. Have each guest guess which picture corresponds to each guest. After everyone is finished cooing over the photos, give a prize to the person with the most matches that matched up!

7. Nappy Messages

Whilst they those teeny tiny nappies look all cute and appealing stacked up waiting for the baby’s arrival, you can bet that by the end of the first week, the appeal will have worn off!!  Have each guest write a message on a nappy or two, then pop them back in the nursery so that they can bring a smile to the new mum or dad’s face during nappy change time!!

8. Baby Face

Print off some photos of the expectant mum and dad and cut each one into sections – hair, eyes, nose, mouth and chin.  Guests can then arrange them to see what the new baby will (or won’t, we hope!) look like!!  Take pictures of the results to show the little one in years to come!!

9. Baby Bucket List

That first year flies by, and before you know it you’re celebrating their first birthday.  Why not have guests suggest some things to do, places to go or moments to savour in that first year, based on their own personal experience.  Have everyone write down their ideas on a card and pop them all into a lovely box, rather than a bucket!!

10. Canvas Creations

Buy a canvas and some paints that are the same colour scheme as the nursery to create some artwork for the baby’s bedroom.  A fingerprint tree, or montage is a lovely way to mark the occasion and give the family something to remember it by.