Should newborn babies sleep through the night?

Oh yes, the dreaded sleep deprivation question.  If your baby does sleep through the night and you manage to get a good few hours a night, you may well get some jealous looks from your friends with new babies.

However, we suspect you are probably amongst the many who has a baby that doesn’t sleep for hours on end, or certainly not when you want to sleep.  The video below helps you to understand why babies that sleep through the night are perhaps the “norm” and the reasons why…sharing the benefits of breastfeeding, you may just get a more settled baby.

Babies wake up for reasons other than to be fed, they may want a cuddle, have a wet nappy, or feel cold or too warm… and believe it or not they may just wake up because they are awake…

Watch the animated video to find out more…

If your babies should sleep through the night


The Research from Swansea University challenged the idea that babies should be sleeping through the night and also disproved the myth that stopping breastfeeding or giving more solid food to babies helps them to sleep longer at night.

Video by Dr Amy Brown Associate Professor
 Programme Director MSc Child Public Health Department of Public Health, Policy and Social Sciences Swansea University

Breastfeeding mothers actually get more sleep


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