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Our Preparing Mind and Body class, as part of our 4-week antenatal course, is based on what labour and birth is from a physiological and emotional perspective. 

Our midwives know that for many, the thought of going into labour, and bringing your baby safely into the world, can feel overwhelming – but it can also be a magical and truly life-changing moment, regardless of how or where you give birth.  The key to a positive and empowering birth is ensuring you are prepared both emotionally, physically and practically.

During your live and fully interactive class, we explore what this means – starting off with what are birth hormones and then delving deeply into how we react to changes and events around us can impact the release or inhibition of the hormones we need in labour. 

Our midwives will use their years of experience and expertise to then guide you on what you can do to prepare both your body and your mind for the big day.

There is lots of practical advice on creating your birthing zone, using aromatherapy, music, breathing exercise – as well as skills such as hypnobirthing to prepare for the magical journey of labour and birth ahead.  

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Mind and Body Preparation Course Details

The class also explores the best ways to prepare your body for labour with advice on how your baby’s position in the pelvis can have an impact on the length and intensity of your labour.  Our midwives demonstrate what optimal fetal positioning means, how it affects the progress of labour and what exercises you can try in the third trimester to help baby find the best position for birth.  Advice on other ways of preparing – such as perineal massage or building your ‘labour tool kit’ to use anywhere in any kind of birth is an essential part of this class.

As always – the class is recorded and sent to you, for when you want to revisit the knowledge and of course the ongoing support from our midwives, even after the course has ended – via email or zoom.

This class involves:

    • Ideas about pregnancy labour birth
    • The physiology of labour birth
    • Hormones and what role they play
    • The impact of fear and tension on birthing
    • Creating your birth zone
    • Preparing a toolkit for birthing
    • Optimum fetal positioning
    • Perineal Massage

Mind and Body Preparation

Midwife Run Education In the Comfort of Your Home

Mind and Body Preparation – COVID UPDATES

With COVID dominating the news, there can be a lot of apprehension about how a new parent should approach pregnancy.

Starting a family is an amazing experience and from the date your journey begins we will be a part of it with you. Our Mind and Body Preparation class will discuss the latest COVID research and advise on any sign that you should be aware of. We also regulary send email updates so after you book one of our classes your email will be the place to check for any changing information.

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    Mind and Body Preparation FAQ

    How can hypnobirthing help with labour?

    Hypnobirthing can help you manage stress hormones, such as adrenalin, and reduce anxiety, which should lead to a calmer birth. During labour, your body produces a chemical called oxytocin, which helps progress your labour. Stress hormones affect the production of oxytocin and make your labour longer.  Managing stress may also help to reduce some of the fear and pain experienced during labour.

    Practising hypnobirthing techniques can help you to feel more prepared and in control when labour starts, reducing the need for pain relief and interventions – resulting in a more positive birth experience.

    How will breathing help with my labour?

    Deep breathing has a whole host of benefits. It can make you feel more relaxed, reduce your heart rate and blood pressure, and help you get more oxygen with each breath. During labour, it may also help you feel more in control and cope better.

    In contrast when many of us are anxious or stressed, we start breathing faster. If you move into a state of panic, you start breathing too fast, which can make you feel like you’re not getting enough oxygen, making your anxiety worse. 

    Panic-breathing is a common reaction to very stressful or frightening situations. It’s normal, but your body can’t exist in this state for long without becoming exhausted. Labour is usually a fairly long process, so taking control of your breathing will help you conserve your energy and cope better as you bring your baby into the world.

    What is the best position for baby to be in for labour and birth?

    The best position for your baby to be in for labour and birth is head down, facing your back – so that their back is towards the front of your tummy. This is called the occipito-anterior position. It allows them to move more easily through the pelvis.

    Practicing optimal fetal positioning during the last six weeks of pregnancy is non-invasive and includes the use of changing your posture and exercises that encourage your unborn baby to move into a position where his head can move through your pelvis without restriction.

    Mind and Body Preparation – We love helping new parents

    “Most people have a preconceived idea of birth – often from stories shared or watched in films/TV. Reframing how we view birth and understanding how your birth hormones can affect your birth is key in having a positive and empowered birth experience – however that may be. We can’t predict or plan birth, but we can prepare positively for it.”

    Amina, Course Leader


    Mind and Body Preparation

    Midwife Run Education In the Comfort of Your Home