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Making the most of your birthing ball

If a birthing ball is a labour aid that you're considering, it's a great idea.  Helping you to keep moving through your labour, the rhythmic movement and gentle exercise can help to relax you and to help labour progress. However, [...]

Skin care for little ones this winter

With winter now well and truly upon us, along with the influx of coughs, colds and general 'lurgies', you may be noticing that the cold weather is having an effect on your little one's skin. Rashy cheeks, chapped lips and [...]

Do you know your Bonfire Night first aid?

As bonfire night approaches the British Red Cross is reminding people of the most useful first aid for any burns related accidents. Most firework-related injuries happen at family or private parties, and around half of those incidents involve children under [...]

Choosing the right pram for you and your baby

How to you choose the right pram for you and your baby, there are many different styles of prams and pushchairs on the market, so it’s not surprising that many people find the choice overwhelming. This can be especially true [...]

Is stress the main cause of smoking after childbirth?

Is stress the main cause of smoking after childbirth? For many women, our battle with nicotine begins when we find out that we're pregnant.  More aware than ever of the hazardous effects not only to us, but also to our [...]

Sleep tight: safe sleeping for your little one

There's no doubt that once your little one has arrived there's one subject that will dominate your conversation and that's sleep.  How much you're getting, how much you're partner's getting and how much your little treasure is getting too!  Your [...]

Sugar, sugar – when it’s good and when it’s bad….

We hear a lot about what our children should and shouldn't be eating and sometimes this advice can be contradictory and downright confusing!  For example, we're told no sugar, but plenty of fruit - yet fruit contains sugar!! HELP!! In [...]

Craving the sweet stuff? Try sugar swapping!

Whether you are in the first, second or third trimester, pregnancy cravings may strike at any time and grabbing the sweet stuff, so here are some tips on how to do sugar swapping. Whilst snacking on a little bit of [...]

Top tips to keep pregnancy cravings under control

It's a well known fact that pregnancy cravings are a common symptom of pregnancy.  From chocolate and ice cream to brussel sprouts and anchovies (mine were bread sauce and cherry tomatoes!!), there's no telling what will flick your pregnancy switch, [...]

Eight easy ways for new mums to exercise

Yes, yes, in an ideal world, we'd not only have time to go to the gym or go for a run, we'd actually want to!  We wouldn't find excuses to skip exercise and we wouldn't feel torn between looking great [...]