Baby by month

Your baby month by month from 0-12 months of age. What your baby will be doing, how to play and what you can do to support their development.

Newborn baby with big eyes Your 0 – 3 month old

Your newborn baby develops fast, emotionally and physically, communicating with smiles from around six weeks old and starting to coo and gurgle back when you talk to her. She gradually gains control over her body, starting with the head and neck from around four weeks old and uncurling her body, arms and legs. Read more - pregnancy timeline

Baby playing on the matYour 3-6 month old

Your baby is realising she has hands (and feet), reaching out and exploring things with them. She’s getting stronger and more inquisitive and may be able to sit up, supported safely with cushions, so she can see what’s going on around her. She may start rolling over now, firstly from front to back, so don’t leave her alone on a high surface!Read more - pregnancy timeline

Toddler playing with a bucketYour 6-12 month old

This is a time of fast physical development when your baby may start sitting up unaided, followed soon afterwards by crawling. A few babies even walk before their first birthday, though first steps can occur much later. Mentally, your baby now knows what she likes (and doesn’t like), that she can make things happen, such as dropping a toy from the highchair and is becoming much more ‘talkative’ when playing and interacting with you and other familiar people.Read more - pregnancy timeline