When deciding what baby’s car seat to buy, take into account that the baby or child car seat may need to be used in several different cars.

Check that the adult seat belt is long enough, particularly in rearward facing systems and always take note of how the baby’s car seat or child’s seat should be fitted, e.g. with a three-point seat belt only, or with ISOFIX according to the approved car list in the vehicle handbook.

You can use the Britax Fit Finder® on the Britax UK website to check compatibility between Britax child car seats and your vehicle.

Please make sure your child or baby’s car seat is…

  • The seat is suitable for the weight and height of your child.
  • Other dimensions (form, seat height and seat width) must also be taken into account.
  • You keep your child in each stage for as long as possible until the top of their head reaches the top of the seat in infant carriers or in line with the eyes of any other stage seat.
  • You move your child from Group 0+ infant carrier when your child exceeds the weight limit and can sit up unaided, or if their head is higher than the top of the infant carrier.
  • You move your child from a Group 1 seat when the upper edge of the shell is roughly at eye level of the child or your child exceeds the weight limit.
  • You do not move too early to a Group 2-3, because these seats are wider to accommodate larger children.
  • The seat is tested to the ECE R 44/04 European Standard or to the ECE R129 European Standard – look for the orange approval label.
  • The seat is suitable for your car (not every seat fits properly in every car).
  • You try to install the seat in your car before you buy it.
  • The seat is used every time regardless of how long or how short the journey.

A correctly used child or baby’s car seat serves three purposes:

  • It avoids or reduces injuries in an accident.
  • It enables the child to sit in a posture which is appropriate for the age of the child.
  • The child is well protected and does not distract the driver.

Visit www.britax.co.uk to learn more, and http://www.britax.co.uk/fit-finder/ to find a Britax car seat that is suitable for your child and car.

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