Are you a blogger, vlogger, expert or writer looking to share your experiences and knowledge?

If you answered YES, then we would love you to keep reading.  We are looking to create a list of bloggers, vloggers and experts who can be a part of the NowBaby content team, that we can contact when the opportunities arise.

The NowBaby site has a core audience of pregnant women, and focuses on supporting men and women from conception to looking after their baby from 0-2 years of age.

Are you a blogger, vlogger, expert or write who will fit in?

Not everyone will want to work with us, some of you may even see us as competition, but as NowBaby TV is the only platform that provides a unique information channel reaching mums-to-be why not join us so you can be a part of the communication and support network to parents-to-be.

The screens allow us to engage with women and their partners at the earliest possible stage of pregnancy in the maternity or antenatal units within hospitals across the UK.

We currently have screens in :

  • 324 screens in hospital antenatal waiting rooms
  • In 136 hospitals in England & Wales

The ability to deliver the right message.. To the right audience… at the right time

Regularly sharing the most commonly asked questions and providing authoritative answers for today’s modern parents-to-be, our content is reviewed and updated by clinic managers and midwives on the trends of today’s pregnant women.

You can watch the videos that are playing right now on the NowBabyTV screens


So, what we are looking for?

We are looking to build a portfolio of contacts that we can call upon when commercial, editorial, social media campaigns and video projects come up.

Some of the activities we have planned for the this year will be a mixture of partnering, reciprocal and paid for activities.

You will always be in control of what you do, we just hope that you will want to be a part of our “extended” team and raise awareness of your own blog, your expertise and extend the support and message we are aiming to achieve to our audience.

If you think you would like to a part of the portfolio please complete the form below and we will be in touch.

Looking forward to hearing from you…