As bonfire night approaches the British Red Cross is reminding people of the most useful first aid for any burns related accidents. Most firework-related injuries happen at family or private parties, and around half of those incidents involve children under the age of seventeen.

Before all the whizzes and bangs, please make sure you check out this bonfire themed advice for any burn-related accidents.

Here are some tips:

  • Put the burned area under cold running water as soon as possible for at least 10 minutes – yes 10 minutes! This l will reduce pain, swelling and the risk of scarring.
  • Any cold liquid will do if you do not have immediate access to water. For example a glass of squash or a cold beer. Then get the injured area under a tap or hose and keep the cold water running for 10 minutes.
  • Refrain from putting any lotions, creams, butter or oils on the burn, they will not help the situation and may cause more pain if they have to be removed later on
  • Keep calm! Especially if helping someone else – panicking will get you nowhere
  • Loosely wrap cling film  or a clean plastic bag around the burn once it is cooled. This protects the area from infection and will reduce pain.The burn may need urgent medical treatment. If you’re in any doubt, seek medical advice and always call 999 if a child has been burned.
  • Remember, remember the 5th of November….. is a time to have fun and enjoy yourself. To ensure that your fireworks night goes off with a bang, brush up on your first aid skills at or download the free British Red Cross first aid app.