How do you know what to look for when you buy a baby sun shade? With so many pushchairs on the market, let alone all the accessories, it is not easy to find the best fit, or safest product for your baby.

A good baby sun shade

You can buy sun shades for your pushchair, buggy or car seats.

A good quality sun shade will help to prevent your child getting the sun in their eyes, provide welcome shade and protect from harmful UV rays. But you also need to have easy access to your baby or toddler when required, and you’ll want something that packs down compactly so you can store it in the buggy or changing bag when not in use.

Some baby sun shades have a dual purpose – as well as blocking out the sun, they create a darkened environment to help your child nap free of distractions. Some just provide an extended buggy hood, while others completely cover the front of the pushchair.

They are normally fairly universal and will fit most brands of pushchair or infant car seat. Many manufacturers make versions for their own products, so you’ll need to check that they’ll fit other pushchairs. They usually attach using simple methods such as hooks or Velcro straps.

UPF protection – baby sun shade safety

Obviously whatever sunshade you buy, it’s primary purpose is to protect your child from the sun and its harmful rays. Therefore, make sure you pick a shade that offers a good level of UPF protection.

This should normally be 50+ for the main shade although, if there’s a mesh lower section, this often offers lower protection.

UPF ratings are also applied to clothing that gives protection from the sun, and measure both UVA and UVB protection.

It’s very important that the fabric the sunshade is made from allows air to flow through.

Covering a pushchair with a towel or thick cloth could be dangerous, especially for very young babies, as an enclosed pram may become very hot.

The same applies to covers or shades made of non-breathable fabrics.

Keep checking on your baby to make sure they are comfortable and the temperature inside the pushchair is not too hot, and don’t leave a a pushchair facing into the sun.

If you choose to use a baby sunshade on your infant car seat, please do bear in mind that babies shouldn’t be in their car seat unnecessarily and shouldn’t nap in them for long, i.e. when not travelling in the car.

Don’t reply on your sun shade you must still keep an eye on your baby, even if they are behind the sun shade and asleep.

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