How do I get pregnant?  So many women can struggle with fertility and we are here to help.  From learning about your body temperature and the optimum time to conceive to conception advice focusing on holistic therapies and nutrition.

Having made the decision to try for a baby there is a lot of information that you will need to consider.  Thinking about your work environment, financial considerations and then there is your health, diet and getting your body ready to conceive.  Both you and your partner will need to consider your diet, alcohol consumption, giving up smoking, if you do, and taking regular exercise.  On top of all that enjoying a healthy sex life will help too!

Of course you will also need to stop taking any contraception so that your body can be in a happy healthy state to make a baby!

Now you are ready to start understanding when you are most fertile (ovulating) which is an important part of knowing when the optimum time for conception could take place.  Every woman ovulates at different times of the month so it is important to understand your own menstrual cycle to give you the best chance of conceiving.

If you do find that a pregnancy is not happening and you need some help with your fertility there are treatments available that can help you improve your chances of getting pregnant.

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