Now you are ready to start understanding when you are most fertile (ovulating) which is an important part of knowing when the optimum time for conception could take place.  Every woman ovulates at different times of the month so it is important to understand your own menstrual cycle to give you the best chance of conceiving. What do you  know about your fertility?  One of the areas that the National Fertility Awareness Week is trying to highlight is the need for women to not to feel “too left in the dark” about their own fertility and to seek advice and support.

Your period can be a key indicator of any problems which might cause fertility issues, so whether you’re planning to start a family, or if you’re already trying it is important to remember that we all have our own individual cycles, and just because the average cycle is 28 days, that doesn’t necessarily mean that shorter or longer cycles indicate a problem. Anything ranging from a 21 to 35 day cycle is considered normal.

Fertility and age: knowing where you stand

There is no denying that the fertility and age is connected.  With women having their first baby at an older age,  the trend continues to rise due to a variety of reasons, these include women wanting to pursue careers, educational [...]

The Fertility Show arrives in Manchester

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There has been some major advances in the world of fertility and pregnancy - from a major clinical study that confirmed a link between The Pill and depression to apps and gadgets that can pinpoint fertility. Fertility entrepreneur Dr Elina Berglund, [...]

Breaking the silence of infertility: talking and supporting

It's a funny thing, but for many of us coping with infertility we just don't talk about it.  Its a private experience that we keep to ourselves and our partners.  Whilst many around us are celebrating their pregnancies or new [...]

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Stress & Fertility.  We know it's not conducive to conception, in fact it's widely considered to be one of the main causes of ‘unexplained’ infertility.  So, we need to find out what happens to make stress affect our ability to [...]

Fertility customs from around the world

Getting pregnant.  It should be simple shouldn't it, but for some of us it's just not that easy and if you've found yourself with your legs up in the air after sex, charting your temperature and getting your hubby home [...]

Blocked fallopian tubes

One of the most common reasons for a woman being unable to conceive is blocked fallopian tubes, in which case she will be offered surgery to unblock them. The HFEA estimates that around a third of all female patients with infertility [...]

Surrogacy and me: my surrogate pregnancy

Having made the decision to become a surrogate, with the couple chosen and the legalities all arranged, the next step is to get pregnant... The surrogacy process begins… I had decided on a natural journey as I didn't want to go [...]

Ten top tips to boost male fertility

It takes two very important ingredients to make a baby, so while we ladies can make sure that we're eating well, cutting back on alcohol and taking folic acid like there's no tomorrow, what can chaps do to boost your [...]