Family finance

Family finance – dealing with your maternity benefits, tax credits and money matters can be a mind field to negotiate.

Getting to grips with the new Childcare Vouchers

If you’re a working parent, you probably know the most tax efficient way to pay for childcare and the chances are you’re already maximising the benefits available to you. Typical schemes offered by employers are; childcare vouchers (the most popular), [...]

Mum’s the word on pension rewards

Mum’s the word on pension rewards apparently, and with Mothering Sunday being a day dedicated to showing our mothers how much we appreciate and love them for everything they do, this got us thinking about the sacrifices parents unwittingly make [...]

Babysitters – how much should you pay?

Now you may be among the lucky ones who has a team of friends and family members locally who are only to happy to babysit and give you and your partner the chance to escape from being mummy and daddy [...]

Quick tips for saving family pennies

Everyone knows that being a parent is expensive. Nappies, nursery furniture, food bills, utility bills, school uniforms, days out, birthdays - it all adds up, so we spoke to Emily Leary, parenting and family blogger about tips and tricks that [...]

Be canny with your money, mummies!

Life as a family doesn't come cheap!  From the early days of stocking up on baby equipment, nappies and baby clothes to the teen years with demands for pocket money, laptops and the latest mobile phone, each stage of parenting [...]

Paternity : what pay and leave can Dad’s have?

A woman carries the baby, gives birth to the baby and is expected to have some time away from work to care for the baby, but what about Dads?  What paternity rights to pay and leave do men have when [...]

Your maternity: Maternity Leave explained

Ok, so you are pregnant, you have your due date and you have a job.  When can you /should you finish work and how long are you allowed to take off?  You'll need to find out about Maternity Leave and [...]

Your maternity: Maternity Allowance explained

If you're not eligible for SMP, you may be entitled to Maternity Allowance instead.  If you're self employed, have recently stopped working or haven't been with your current employer for long enough to qualify for SMP, you're in one of [...]

Your maternity: Statutory Maternity Pay explained

Pregnant!!  Excited? Yes.  Anxious? Yes.  Confused?  Absolutely!!  The rules and regulations about maternity leave, maternity pay, paternity leave seem to be in constant flux.  So exactly what is Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) and what are you entitled to? What is [...]