Now you are parents

Now you have become parents your world is about to change.  Starting a family will change your lifestyle.  Not only will you have a family to consider, your work and career  may change. You will need to consider topics on childcare, nursery places, activities to do with your baby and toddler and so much more…

Becoming a mum is the start of an amazing journey for many women.  You may want to reassess your lifestyle, career, relationships and home. Anything from income, what benefits you can claim, what products to buy, and where to go with your baby. A whole new world will open up and we are here to support you with that change.

Tips on how to decorate the nursery, and colour schemes that will soothe or stimulate your baby.  Making health and safety changes to your home to cope with your toddler who will want to investigate everything and keeping your child active to aid their development both emotionally and physically in the garden or when out and about.

News, reviews and what’s on! The topics that affect you and your family will be shared with you so you can keep up to date with pregnancy, baby and toddler related topics.

Why creating a little bookworm is not just about sharing stories, it’s about storing

Every mum and dad wants their baby to become a good reader or even a bookworm.   We’ve been told time and again that if we read with our children when they’re small, they’ll do better at school.  But it’s not [...]


How do you know your baby’s car seat will fit?

When deciding what baby's car seat to buy, take into account that the baby or child car seat may need to be used in several different cars. Check that the adult seat belt is long enough, particularly in rearward facing systems and always take note of how the [...]


How does the Children’s Activities Association give Parents Peace of Mind?

As a parents are you looking for Peace of Mind?  Obviously the answer will be yes, but as a busy parent sometimes we make assumptions about the activities we attend, which is why the Children's Activities Association came about. We [...]