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Baby Development – 0-4 weeks

Is this the last taboo? – Anxiety, depression & emotions during pregnancy

Is this the last taboo? The truth is that pregnancy, birth, motherhood, it’s EMOTIONAL. You are going about your life as a strong, independent woman and suddenly everyone wants to be involved in your life, everyone has an opinion, and [...]

10 things parents say they’ll never give to their children

Remember those days before children?  The day you stood in the queue at the supermarket and looked across at the distraught baby crying for it's dummy and you saying in your head "I will never give my baby a dummy"! [...]

Getting to grips with the end of your maternity leave – an open letter

Every working woman looks forward to her maternity leave. Being able to spend time with your baby, not have to worry about childcare, work deadlines, exhaustion on top of exhaustion and of course being able to pop into Starbucks every [...]

First night at home with your newborn baby

With labour quickly becoming a dim and distant memory and a beautiful baby in your arms, leaving the hospital to head home with your newborn baby is an exciting time, but it's also a bit of a worry. After all, [...]

How to use baby boxes safely

What is a baby box?  Simply baby boxes contain essential items such as clothes, books and blankets that are delivered to new mothers. The cardboard boxes also include a mattress and can be used for babies to sleep in as an [...]

Bath time bonding – what’s the routine?

There’s nothing like a good splash, lots of bubbles and laughter at bath time.  However, with a newborn the thought of bath time might seem like a huge task – don’t worry it’ll soon become easy and another routine you’ve [...]

Newborn first 72 hours checks

The first 72 hours after the birth, a health professional, usually a midwife, but it could be a doctor, will want to give your  newborn baby a routine, top to toe hands-on examination. The new baby top-to-toe assessment is designed [...]

How to clean the umbilical cord on your baby

New parents often worry about how to care for the umbilical cord stump on their newborn baby.  It can be a little disturbing to see the clip on the umbilical cord stump, but don't worry it doesn't hurt your baby [...]

The science of human breast milk

Human breast milk contains thousands of different molecules, microbes and cells, which work together to provide the human baby with all the tools necessary to grow and develop normally. Many components of breast milk are still to be discovered, and the [...]

Recognising the signs of post natal depression

Recognising the signs of post natal depression is not easy, but the signs are there if you know what to look for. It is often said by women after having a baby that there is a “secret conspiracy” by other [...]