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Baby – 0-6 months

Ruby was diagnosed with eczema at six weeks old

In most children eczema is caused by a genetic tendency to allergy, although 1 in 5 children who has eczema has not other signs of allergy. There is a strong inherited tendency, so it is quite likely that other family [...]

Reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

For most parents, there are two overwhelming emotions that we feel the moment we have that very first cuddle with our newborn: love, and fear.  After 9 anxious months hoping for a healthy pregnancy, a straightforward birth and a healthy [...]

Keeping your baby cool at night this summer

With hot summer nights upon us and many of us planning to jet off to even warmer climes over the next couple of months, keeping cool enough to sleep can be a bit of a battle, and keeping little ones [...]

Baby Teeth Timeline

The appearance of your baby's first tooth is a huge milestone, the beginning of the end of that gorgeous gummy grin, but the start of a new era.  For most children, their first teeth will appear from around 6 months [...]

Breastfeeding positions: are you sitting comfortably?

Whilst we're told that it's the most natural thing in the world, the truth is that for many of us, breastfeeding just doesn't come naturally!  Sore nipples, engorged breasts and a hungry baby aren't a great combination, throw in a [...]

Breastfeeding twins – your questions answered.

The thought of breastfeeding just one baby can be daunting enough, yet when you have two at once it can be a terrifying prospect, not only terms of positioning, winding and soreness, but also in terms of milk supply....  Here, [...]

5 ways to get your baby to sleep!

It's not until you become a parent for the first time that you truly value the wonder that is sleep!  For the first few weeks, you may be basking in the relief of not being pregnant, absolute adoration for your [...]

Nappy Rash 101: what you need to know

Try as you might to avoid it, the fact is that most babies at some point will develop nappy rash to a greater or lesser extent.  No matter how vigilant you are with regular nappy changes and barrier cream application, [...]

The ABC of your baby’s growth

If you're worried or confused about your baby's weight or height gain, take a look at our ABC to your baby's growth in his/her first few years…

Baby Massage Basics

Baby massage is something all parents can do without expert tuition, all you need is a warm pair of hands and some time. Here's how to get started...