Now Baby 6-12 months

Baby – 6-12 months

Baby proofing your home – Ensuring your baby or toddler is safe

When you give birth to your baby, maternal instincts kick in making you very protective. This instinct continues right through infancy and childhood. Some people will say even when a child grows up and leaves home that the protective instinct [...]


Weaning recipe: Raspberry and Apple with Soaked Oats

Juicy pink apples combined with the sharp sweetness of raspberries, and mixed with wholegrain oats to make a smooth, thick puree, perfect as a snack or for breakfast.  We love this weaning recipe from Piccolo's in house nutritional therapist Alice Fotheringham. Make [...]


Recipe: Steamed leek, butternut squash and goats cheese puree

Butternut, leek and goats cheese are a classic combination and with this delicious recipe from Organix, we think your little one will love it.  The recipe below makes lots of portions, ideal for freezing in batches. Recipe: Steamed leek, butternut [...]


Recipe : Butternut squash, red pepper, chickpea and rosemary

The sweet and smooth flavours of butternut squash and red pepper are exciting tastes that babies usually love. The chickpeas bring a rich, nuttiness and the hint of rosemary adds an extra depth of flavour to this classic Mediterranean combination. [...]