Now Baby 6-12 months

Baby – 6-12 months

Weaning Recipe: Pear and Almond Crumble

You can't beat a yummy crumble and with this delcious recipe from Dr Rana Conway, Vital Baby’s in-house Weaning Expert, the sweetness of the pears means that it doesn’t need any extra sugar. It tastes fabulous on its own but [...]

Weaning recipe: Raspberry and Apple with Soaked Oats

Juicy pink apples combined with the sharp sweetness of raspberries, and mixed with wholegrain oats to make a smooth, thick puree, perfect as a snack or for breakfast.  We love this weaning recipe from Piccolo's in house nutritional therapist Alice Fotheringham. Make [...]

Recipe: Steamed leek, butternut squash and goats cheese puree

Butternut, leek and goats cheese are a classic combination and with this delicious recipe from Organix, we think your little one will love it.  The recipe below makes lots of portions, ideal for freezing in batches. Recipe: Steamed leek, butternut [...]

Recipe : Butternut squash, red pepper, chickpea and rosemary

The sweet and smooth flavours of butternut squash and red pepper are exciting tastes that babies usually love. The chickpeas bring a rich, nuttiness and the hint of rosemary adds an extra depth of flavour to this classic Mediterranean combination. [...]

Recipe: Sweet Potato Waffles

This recipe for Sweet Potato Waffles is filled with nutrient-rich sweet potatoes, perfect for babies, toddlers and the entire family! These healthy carbs are perfect for a family breakfast or as an afternoon treat for your little ones. Recipe: Sweet [...]

Recipe: Chicken and Orange Purée

Chicken is full of protein, zinc, vitamin B6 and iron. Essential for healthy brain and organ development, it is important to incorporate iron-rich sources into your baby’s diet at around six months of age, as babies’ natural iron reserves start [...]

Recipe: Butternut Squash and Olive Oil Purée

We love this weaning recipe.  Roasting butternut squash brings out the natural rich caramel flavour, intensifying the sweetness that babies just can’t resist. This type of squash has a huge amount of beta carotene, fibre, and vitamins A and E, [...]

Keeping your baby cool at night this summer

With hot summer nights upon us and many of us planning to jet off to even warmer climes over the next couple of months, keeping cool enough to sleep can be a bit of a battle, and keeping little ones [...]

Recipe: Rainbow Sandwiches

With this recipe your little one can actually eat a rainbow! Super easy and fun for kids to make too. An easy way to encourage toddlers to eat vegetables. Perfect for kids parties, lunchboxes and picnics. Removing the crusts shows [...]

Recipe: Speedy Savoury Flapjacks

Who says that flapjacks have to be sweet, sticky and laden with sugar and syrup?  Who says flapjacks can't be healthy?  Not us, that's for sure.  This recipe from Organix has turned this time honoured, naughty classic into a healthy [...]