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1st trimester 0-14 weeks

Staying active in pregnancy

Moderate exercise in pregnancy is considered good for you and your baby. It reduces your risk of stress, constipation, tiredness, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), pelvic and back pain, depression, excessive weight gain, long labour, caesarean section and diabetes. For more [...]


Recipe: Summer mocktail drinks for Mums-to-be!

Summer barbecues, parties, weddings - all great times to relax and maybe enjoy a cocktail or two, but if you're pregnant you'll want a delicious alcohol free version.  Here are three delicious mocktail recipes that will not only taste amazing, [...]


Pregnancy & postnatal exercise – your questions answered

We know that exercise plays a key role in helping to stay healthy during pregnancy, and in regaining your pre-pregnancy shape following the birth.  However, how much is too much? Are there any forms of exercise that could harm the [...]