A-Z of Pregnancy Health

A-Z of pregnancy health

The impact of alcohol on your fertility

Ahead of Alcohol Awareness Week (13– 19th November), Dr Venkat discusses the impact of alcohol on your fertility Current NHS guidelines suggest that women should avoid drinking alcohol altogether if they’re pregnant or planning to become pregnant, in order to [...]


Aqua Natal Yoga – why it’s good for mums and their tums

Yoga has long been acknowledged as a great way to exercise whilst pregnant, and so has swimming, both low impact gentle ways to release those lovely endorphins and keep you in shape.  So we thought you'd like to know about [...]


Why you should raise awareness of pre-natal depression

What is pre-natal depression?  Many women are aware of the possibility of suffering from postnatal depression, but it can affect you before your baby arrives. This week is pre-natal and postnatal depression awareness week #PNDAW17. This year between 10 and [...]


How exercise can help ease your pregnancy backache

Pregnancy backache is something experienced by most pregnant women, whether it’s a constant twinge in the lower back, aching shoulders or pelvic girdle pain.  As your centre of gravity changes with the weight of your baby, your posture can change [...]