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Twins, Multiples and more

Expecting Twins? Your birth options.

Wrapping your head around the fact that you are having a baby can be hard, whilst there's excitement and joy, there's also fear and anxiety as to what lies ahead and how your life will change.  Imagine then that you're [...]

Member’s Story: Giving birth to twins

What should you expect from a twin birth and how will it be different to giving birth to one baby.  Here, NowBaby member Sharley shares her birth experience with us.... At 37 weeks + 4 the day had finally arrived, [...]

Member’s story: Expecting twins

Finding out you're expecting twins can be a wonderful suprise, a scary shock or it can be something you've hoped and dreamed of.  Whatever your reaction, you may be wondering how this pregnancy will be different to that of a [...]

Expecting Twins: Possible problems of prematurity

It stands to reason that our bodies weren't designed to carry more baby at once, so the expected gestation for twins is only 37 weeks.  However with the increased risk of pre-eclampsia and other complications, prematurity is more likely in [...]

Breastfeeding twins – your questions answered.

The thought of breastfeeding just one baby can be daunting enough, yet when you have two at once it can be a terrifying prospect, not only terms of positioning, winding and soreness, but also in terms of milk supply....  Here, [...]

Twin Pregnancy: how twins begin

We look at how and why twins 'happen', and how to tell if you're carrying identical or fraternal twins?

Twins or more: your pregnancy

As a busy independent midwife and mum of a gorgeous little girl,  midwife Amber Thatcher has hands on experience of twin pregnancies, births and the early days with twin babies.  We asked Amber what a mum to be expecting twins [...]

Twins or more: the birth

If giving birth to one baby isn't worrying enough, carrying twins, triplets or more can be a truly terrifying prospect!  We spoke to independent midwife, Amber Thatcher, to get her advice on labour and delivery of to two, three or [...]