Preparing for Birth

Preparing for birth

Using your breathing and visualisations for a better birth

How to drift on a lilo, not slam into a harbour wall Using your breath and visualisation for a better birth In hypnobirthing, we describe contractions as waves or surges. In the first stage of labour their job is to [...]

Hypnobirthing after a traumatic birth

Hypnobirthing for Birth Trauma Imagine for a moment you had been preparing for the perfect birth throughout your entire pregnancy, in fact you couldn’t imagine your baby’s birth could be anything but perfect. However, nature had other ideas and you [...]

What is Hypnobirthing and how can it help you through labour & birth?

Hypnobirthing If you’re pregnant there’s a good chance you will have heard friends or colleagues talk about the benefits of hypnobirthing. Thanks to a lot of positive media attention it has grown massively in popularity. When a woman finds out [...]

Making the most of your birthing ball

If a birthing ball is a labour aid that you're considering, it's a great idea.  Helping you to keep moving through your labour, the rhythmic movement and gentle exercise can help to relax you and to help labour progress. However, [...]

Are you nesting yet?

It's one of the most well known phenomena of pregnancy, and not just in humans.  Nesting! The sign that your baby's arrival is imminent is a curious urge to clean, order and tidy, but is it an old wives tale [...]

Don’t stop now! Keeping labour going

So, after a long 9 months of waiting,  don't stop now! keeping labour going....  the worrying and anticipating is over, finally your contractions begin! Not long now and hopefully labour will be well and truly under way, and your little [...]

Explaining tokophobia – extreme fear of childbirth

We make an effort to explain what is tokophobia - fear of childbirth. There's no two ways about it, whilst having a baby is an exciting time, the thought of actually giving birth isn't likely to make any of us [...]

Dads want to be involved in the birthing experience

A recent survey by Healthwatch Bucks has identified that dads want to be involved in the birthing experience.  The research mainly focused on dads in Bucks,  and normally the mums are vocal about their needs found the new dads were keen to give [...]

First things that happen when your baby is born

During your pregnancy you will be focused, quite naturally, on your growing baby, and as you reach your last trimester daily thoughts about the birth will be on your mind.  It is a good idea to know what is expected [...]

International Prenatal Infection Prevention Month

February is 'International prenatal infection prevention' month. The aim is to raise awareness of prenatal infections, such as group B Strep, which is the UK’s most common cause of life-threatening infection in newborn babies and of meningitis in babies up [...]