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Toddler – 12-24 Months

Introducing your new baby to your toddler

Coming home with a new baby for the first time is an incredible experience, encompassing an entire range of emotions, from fear and worry to elation and excitement.  However, coming home with your second baby can be a little overwhelming. [...]

Improving your little man’s aim in the toilet

It's something we ladies like to joke about or moan about itsn't it... men's aim in the bathroom!  For parents of boys, teaching your little man to aim for the toilet is an essential part of potty training, that his [...]

Toddler Manners

A toddler with impeccable manners sounds like a tall order at any time, let alone over the Christmas period, but your child’s behaviour may be under expert scrutiny by relatives. We look at ways in which you can teach your child [...]

Building healthy brains

As a parent or caregiver you are in an amazing position to start building your baby's brain. Getting the foundation right will ensure that your baby brain is not just born with their brain but is nurtured to grow and [...]

Why does your toddler ask ‘why?’

How do you answer the unanswerable? It would certainly be handy to know for when your toddler starts asking those challenging 'Why…?' questions 'Why don't daddies have boobs?' 'What is colour made of?'  'Why don't cats cry?' These are amongst some [...]

Healthy Toddler : Reward with attention, not food

A toddler will love attention and praise from their parents. This is the best way to reward or treat and is so much better than using food as a reward. Why should I avoid rewarding my toddler with food? Foods [...]

Healthy Toddler : Encourage physical activities

Toddlers love to try new activities as they grow. Varying the activities you do with them and ensuring they get enough exercise will help them stay healthy and learn new skills. Activity helps your toddler to… Grow, develop and stay [...]

Healthy Toddler : Food routine

Your toddler may need a food routine, as they should eat at regular intervals throughout the day to maintain energy levels. However, grazing on snack foods without a routine may lead to problems such as dental caries and a less [...]

Becoming parents of two: learning to juggle

Speak to any mum of more than two children and she'll tell you that the hardest parenting transition was not from two to three children, three to four or even four to five!  No, the toughest adjustment for most parents [...]

Potty training: when is the right time?

It's one of the biggest ironies in parenting life that potty training takes place just as your child is developing a mind of their own, throwing the odd tantrum and starting a love affair with the word 'no'!!  However, as [...]