Chase your dream – No Matter What

Chase your dream – No Matter What

Three national sporting heroes were revealed as Chase Your Dream, No Matter What ambassadors.

They each shared their unique and personal stories of how they overcame adversity to realise their dreams against the odds.

Chris Mears


Chris Mears - Chase your Dream No Matter What

Diver Chris Mears who secured his first gold at the Olympic Games Rio 2016 and UK golfer Charley Hull who, at just 20 years of age, tied seventh on her Olympic Games debut in Rio.

Having already had to fight for his life in his 24 years, Olympic gold medallist Chris Mears embodies the spirit of never giving up. No obstacle is too big for Chris and the harder the knocks life has dealt him, the stronger he’s become:

“I’ve had to deal with some really tough and scary situations over the past few years where both my sporting career and my life have been held in the balance. I believe really strongly in the Chase Your Dream, No Matter What campaign, because I love the fact that Bridgestone values mental and physical determination, strength and endurance, championing the journey to achieve your goals as much as the result.”

Daley Thompson

Double Olympic gold medallist and decathlete

Daley Thompson - Chase your Dream No Matter What

Double Olympic gold medallist and decathlete Daley Thompson is the ultimate all-rounder. As a mixed-race child growing up in an underprivileged part of 1960s West London, it was Daley’s selfbelief and inner confidence that made him sure there were no obstacles, only opportunities and that nothing was impossible. He still lives by these mantras:

“My upbringing and sporting career have taught me that if I work hard enough and remain focused, then I can achieve my goals. I would like to think that I’m a living testament to the Chase Your Dream, No Matter What philosophy.”

Charley Hull

UK golfer

Charley Hull - Chase your Dream No Matter What

Determined not to let anything or anyone hold her back in a still male-focused world of golf, Charley Hull has been competing from a very young age and has had to believe in herself against all odds:

“I’ve come up against many barriers as a female golfer and I’ve had to learn to battle these to succeed. When you feel strongly about something, it’s your spirit as  such as your ability that gets you through. I feel that I have the spirit to chase my dream, no matter what.”

“Our Chase Your Dream, No Matter What campaign aims to inspire people everywhere, whatever their background to find the strength to chase their dreams and overcome any obstacles they face on life’s journey. Whatever challenges you face, we believe our role is to keep everyone safe and on track until you safely reach your destination. Our ambassadors are sharing their stories to help everyday people chase their dreams, no matter what.”

Bridgestone North Europe Managing Director, Robin Shaw

British Olympic Association CEO, Bill Sweeney is also delighted that Bridgestone has become a worldwide Olympic partner and proud to support the Chase Your Dream, No Matter What campaign:

“As we start a new Olympic cycle it’s an exciting opportunity to collaborate with the new Worldwide Olympic Partners. Bridgestone is a globally recognised and successful brand and we are excited and proud to work together on their Chase Your Dream, No Matter What campaign. Our role in helping the nation’s best Olympic athletes realise their dreams resonates with so many of the stories around the Olympic Games as athletes strive to reach their personal goals and provide inspiration for anyone with their own goals and aspirations.”

A series of events will make up the 2017 Chase Your Dream, No Matter What calendar:

Top events:  Bridgestone has partnered at international, national and grassroots levels to inspire golf enthusiasts, amateur and professional players to chase their dream, no matter what.

Top grassroots events: Bridgestone is promoting the national grassroots Bridgestone Chase Your Dream Trophy for amateur golfers.

Local grassroots events: Three grassroots events, each one hosted by one of our Chase Your Dream, No Matter What ambassadors will take place during 2017 to inspire people from all over the UK to overcome their own obstacles. Daley Thompson’s event will be an athletics-based challenge, Chris Mears’ will offer diving with a twist and Charley Hull will host a golfing experience.

This campaign is designed to inspire the UK public to believe in themselves and chase their dream, no matter what. Bridgestone Group’s mission is based on the words of our founder: “Serving Society with Superior Quality”.

It is in our company’s DNA to support people to stay safe on their journeys, whatever the conditions.

This spirit is the foundation of our Chase Your Dream, No Matter What campaign.

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