Child Safety Week 2016 is here…. running from 6th June to 12th June 2016, the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) every year put together an excellent Child Safety Week 2016 Action Pack to help parents and other carers get the right and effective message out to children and families about preventing accidents in the home and garden.

This essential guide is available for anyone and can be downloaded from their site by clicking here.

  • No thinking required to run activities – they’ve done the work for you, loads of ideas to help you…
  • Pull outs that you can copy and give to parents with effective messaging that they relate to – sharing is good!
  • Practical activity sheets to copy and use with children and parents
  • Tips on effective engagement with your families and children

Child Safety Week 2016Child Accident Prevention Poster 2016

A poisoning prevention Taste Test kit is also available from their sponsor, Bitrex, which is completely free.  You can get it here.

CAPT’s work basically stops children being killed, disabled or seriously injured in accidents – without wrapping them in cotton wool.

What does CAPT’s child safety advice consist of :

  • CAPT give free child safety advice to parents and carers on our website, as well as online quizzes and activities on popular safety topics.
  • CAPT distribute family-friendly resources like picture booklets, leaflets, posters and DVDs. Staff working with families can buy these from their shop, and distribute them to parents and carers in their local communities.
  • CAPT spread key safety messages and help change behaviour through our safety campaigns. We reach millions of children, young people, parents and grandparents UK-wide through Child Safety Week.

One in ten parents surveyed made their children safer from serious accidents because of the work of CAPT.

Go to the CAPT shop or see the CAPT resources section of the action pack.

It’s good to share!