This year’s theme for Child Safety week is

Safe children: sharing is caring.

We all have a part to play when it comes to keeping our children safe, and nothing has more impact than the voice of experience; whether it’s a parent sharing their story in a newspaper article, friends and family sharing posts on social media or swapping advice over a cup of tea.

Child Safety Week

Child Safety Week , running 5th-11th June 2017, is the Child Accident Prevention Trust’s campaign to prevent the devastation of serious accidents.

We are asking parents, friends and families to show they care by sharing their experience and knowledge, not just about the horrors of accidents, but the simple things they do to prevent them.

If you are willing to share a few lines (or more) about your experience of accidents or your top tips for keeping children safe, please get in touch using the form below.

We will be working with Child Accident Prevention Trust to share your stories on the site and across social media, to raise awareness of the campaign Safe children: sharing is caring

Choking or gagging? Spread the word

It can be really frightening if you think your child is choking. Many parents worry that their child is choking, when in fact they might be gagging. Would the families you work with be able to tell the difference and know what to do? See Emma Hammett from First Aid for Life talk about recognising the difference and staying calm, and share our video now.

Why sharing works

In December last year, CAPT shared a post on Facebook warning about the dangers of choking on grapes.

The response was overwhelming.

Nearly 4,000 people shared the post themselves, and together we reached over 67,000 people, with just one post, and one important message.

“I was a bit shocked that my mum didn’t cut up grapes for my son when she has him. I just assumed she would know as she is mum and mums know everything. She cuts them up now though”

By starting conversations like this, we can harness the power of sharing and raise awareness of risks and the quick, simple steps people can take to keep children safer; whether that’s cutting up grapes, keeping button batteries out of reach, or tying back blind cords.

Social media is just the starting point. By sharing your knowledge and experience, and encouraging families to share their own experiences, preventing serious accidents becomes a front of mind concern.

Start sharing now

Follow these three simple steps to start sharing now:

  • Follow CAPT on Facebook and Twitter to see everything we post in the run up to Child Safety Week.
  • Share our posts. It only takes a second to share our advice, tips and resources with your network.
  • Mobilise colleagues by sharing this email so they can sign up to Child Safety Week 2017 and gain access to free resources and alerts, including a free social media toolkit.