As a parents are you looking for Peace of Mind?  Obviously the answer will be yes, but as a busy parent sometimes we make assumptions about the activities we attend, which is why the Children’s Activities Association came about.

We all know the benefits clubs, classes and activities bring our babies and children, they have an opportunity to learn so much, keep healthy and active and the end result is a happy family life.

From antenatal and baby massage to football and drama
– friendships are forged, confidence increases and we feel fitter, happier and connected being part of something.

However, time is precious and life with kids is an everyday juggling act, starting with nursery, pre-school, homework, class commitments and family time – and the CAA want to encourage and foster your children’s desire to take part in activities.

And then there’s the money.   Why you wouldn’t you want to know who you are investing in and that they are the best – BUT most importantly you need to know that your children will be safe and cared for as you entrust them to class leaders and organisers.

The Children’s Activities Association will help
you make the right choice of activities

When you are looking at clubs and activities, take a moment to look for the Children’s Activities Association logo, if they are an accredited member the logo will be on their website and publicity.

Diddi Dance - Accredited by the Children's Activties Association

You can then be assured this provider has signed up to a carefully designedcode of practice to cover vital considerations like Safeguarding, Training and Health and Safety.

Although there is an membership fee for activity providers to join, this is structured depending on the size of the group or business and they CAN’T become a member just through paying the fee.

The Children’s Activities Association will offer you reassurance and will help parents to have a benchmark by which you can select the activities you want, giving you Peace of Mind…

Look out for trial classes – many organisers offer a free trial and this is a good sign that a class leader is so confident that you will enjoy what they have to offer and the experience that you’ll be signing up!

Spread the word….

We all know how the mummy/daddy network has such a vital role to play for parents,  you use this networking to help you make the right choices about which activity to join, so do ask around, get recommendations – and while you are chatting don’t forget to ask your friends whether the activities they attend have Children’s Activities Association membership too.

Children playing an a child's activity

Even the best classes aren’t suited to every child though so trust your instincts, talk over the experience with your child, even if they are very small and make sure you take in consideration other issues such as timings, accessibility, parking and availability.

  •  The CAA has an independent accreditation programme that offers even further peace of mind and all CAA members have agreed to work towards CAA accreditation.
  •  The CAA will also be involved in lobbying for change in the industry, providing grants and helping to ensure children can enjoy a broader range of activities and classes all over the UK.

The Children’s Activities Association is there to HELP YOU and to support the industry to be the best that it can be!

Giving Parents Peace of Mind

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