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This class aims to cover all you need to know to start breastfeeding; learn about the first days and weeks of breastfeeding your baby and how to continue with confidence. We explore in detail all aspects of breastfeeding and don’t shy away from talking about some of the challenges and how to overcome them.

Breastfeeding is entirely natural, but it’s also a skill that needs to be learnt.  Which is why we here at Now Baby feel that our antenatal Breastfeeding class is essential for all parents-to-be.

Our online class is live and interactive, from the comfort of your home – with a recording of the class sent to you, so you can revisit the advice anytime you need a refresher. As with all of our classes, there is plenty of time to get your questions answered by our expert midwives who all are trained to advise and support with breastfeeding, and their support continues long after the class ends via email and zoom if you need it.

Our breastfeeding class is ideal for parents-to-be to explore breastfeeding in the antenatal period and what options they can choose to feed their baby.  There are plenty of practical and interactive examples used by our midwives to help you cut through the jargon and really understand aspects such as latching on, how to hand express milk or what positions to use when. All of our advice is evidence-based, UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative accredited, to ensure you are getting the best advice to guide you in your baby’s feeding journey.



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Online Breastfeeding Course Details

We cover all aspects of the breastfeeding journey in our class, from:


    • How breastfeeding works
    • Benefits of breastfeeding for mum and baby
    • Antenatal Colostrum Harvesting
    • Understanding breastmilk – how it changes and why
    • The supply and demand cycle of breastmilk
    • Information on what a good latch and attachment is
    • Different breastfeeding positions
    • The feeding cues your baby expresses
    • Your baby’s appetite and how it changes over time
    • How to avoid common problems
    • Where and when to seek help

Breastfeeding Classes Online

Midwife Run Breastfeeding Education In the Comfort of Your Home

Breastfeeding Classes – COVID UPDATES

With COVID dominating the news, there can be a lot of apprehension about how a new parent should approach pregnancy.

Starting a family is an amazing experience and from the date your journey begins we will be a part of it with you. Our online breastfeeding classes will discuss the latest COVID research and advise on any sign that you should be aware of. We also regulary send email updates so after you book one of our classes your email will be the place to check for any changing information.

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    Advice and Tips

    Breastfeeding FAQ

    What do you learn in a breastfeeding class?

    Lots – whilst everyone know breastfeeding is entirely natural and has so many benefits for you and your baby, what isn’t often discussed is that is a skill that needs to be learnt too.

    During our breastfeeding class we cover it all – from how your body produces milk for your baby, what to expect in the first few hours and days, tips on ensuring your baby is latching on and feeding properly and how to manage common breastfeeding issues.

    Our midwives will draw on their expertise, knowledge and skill,from their years of experience in supporting parents, to ensure you feel prepared and confident about feeding your baby.

    Will I be able to breastfeed my baby?

    Yes – It is rare for a mother to be physically unable to breastfeed. It doesn’t matter whether you have very small or large breasts, or if you have inverted nipples.

    Breastfeeding can, however, take practice and perseverance, and is something to be learnt by both you and your baby, which is why preparing for breastfeeding – such as attending our class, can really help you feel confident and ready.

    How do I know if I have enough breastmilk to feed my baby?

    Almost all parent’s worry about this, especially before baby has arrived in the first few days of feeding.
    However, rest assured your body has started producing milk for your baby from about 20 weeks of pregnancy onwards and your breast will have colostrum, the first milk your baby needs and drinks ready for their first feed.

    We know many parent’s worry about this and this is why we cover how your body produces milk, how to support your milk supply and practical advice on topics such as colostrum harvesting during our breastfeeding class.

    Breastfeeding Courses – We love helping new parents

    We know as midwives that deciding how to feed your baby is a major decision that parents-to-be need support and advice in making before their baby arrives.  This is why we’ve included an antenatal breastfeeding class in our Now baby live course, so that we can share our expertise, our knowledge and essential tips in helping you decide what is the best choice for you and your baby.

    Information here and within courses are led by Dr Carly, and reviewed by the team

    Breastfeeding Classes Online

    Midwife Run Breastfeeding Education In the Comfort of Your Home