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Live New Baby Course

Our New Baby class, as part of our online Antenatal course is all about what happens after the birth of your baby.  We know that most parents-to-be are focused on the labour and birth of their baby, and as such, preparing for life with a newborn, what to expect, how it may feel, what choices you may be asked can often feel daunting.

Worry not, in this class we delve into all the practicalities of caring for a new-born. Covering everything from the first moments with your baby, skin to skin contact, safe sleep to changing nappies and bathing your baby.

This class will help normalise the early weeks of your life as a new parent. Our experienced midwives will explore with you how you can help your baby be more at ease by responding to their needs and understanding better what those needs are and help to answer many of the questions you may have, as well as help clear up many of the myths and facts that you may hear as a parent-to-be about life with a new-born. 

As always, our classes are live and interactive, we love answering questions and encourage any interruptions – because we know if you have a question, someone else will have thought of it too!  The class is recorded and sent to you to watch back whenever you need – which can be so handy for the practical exercises such as nappy changing, or cord care.  And our support continues after the class ends, with our midwives always happy to offer advice and a chat via email or zoom when you need it.

This class, which is all about baby, aims to support you in feeling confident in making the right choices for a great life with a new baby

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New Baby Course Details

Starting from the first moments where you meet your baby we explore:

    • What happens immediately after birth
    • Skin-to-Skin contact and the golden hour
    • New-born checks after birth. The umbilical cord and healing
    • Vitamin K – what it is and your options
    • Ways your baby may behave in the first few days and weeks
    • Baby hygiene – from nappy changes to bathing your new-born
    • Practical skills such as umbilical cord care
    • What your baby may look like – from new-born skin to birthmarks
    • Safe sleeping advice and what that means practically
    • Jaundice in the early weeks after your baby is born
    • Common concerns of parenting a new-born


Online New Baby Classes

Midwife Run Education On Newborn Babies In the Comfort of Your Home

New Baby Classes – COVID UPDATES

With COVID dominating the news, there can be a lot of apprehension about how a new parent should approach pregnancy.

Starting a family is an amazing experience and from the date your journey begins we will be a part of it with you. Our new baby class will discuss the latest COVID research and advise on any sign that you should be aware of. We also regulary send email updates so after you book one of our classes your email will be the place to check for any changing information.


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    Advice and Tips

    New Baby Class FAQ

    When will my baby have their first bath?

    Your baby needs to stay warm, so they won’t have a bath straight after birth. Your midwife will just wipe your baby and dry him using clean, warm towels. In fact, you’ll probably find that your baby’s first bath will happen when you are all back home together – so it’s a good idea to have support with you then.

    You do not need to bathe your baby in the first few days. You may prefer to wash their face, neck, hands, and bottom carefully instead. This is sometimes called topping and tailing. We discuss how to bathe your baby, take care of their skin and life at home with a new baby during our new baby class.

    Will my baby poo every day?

    Babies do an average of 4 poos a day in the first week and then it goes down to an average of 2 a day by the time they’re 1 year old.

    New-borns who are breastfed may poo at each feed in the early weeks, then, after about 6 weeks, not have a poo for several days.

    Formula-fed babies may poo up to 5 times a day when new born, but after a few months this can go down to once a day.

    Your baby isn’t constipated as long as their poos are soft, even if they haven’t done one for a few days.
    Our New Baby and Breastfeeding classes explore your baby’s feeding patterns, how their diet may be affected and what to expect in their nappies in much more detail, as well as lots of other practical and supportive advice on life with a new baby.

    How long will it take for my baby’s cord to heal?

    Your baby’s umbilical cord takes about a week to dry out and drop off. Keep it clean and dry until it does. If you notice any bleeding or discharge, tell your midwife, health visitor or GP.

    After the stump falls off there will be a small wound. It may take between seven days and 10 days for the area to heal completely. You may see a little blood spot on your baby’s nappy. This is quite normal. If there’s any bleeding that doesn’t stop when you wipe it, ask your midwife, health visitor or GP for advice.
    The healed wound becomes your baby’s belly button.

    New baby education – We love helping new parents

    Life with a new baby can feel quite daunting – whether you’ve never looked after a baby or even if you’ve had experience already. We know that there are common worries we all have, which is why our class is focused on providing you with easy to understand advice and support so that you feel confident and prepared for your baby’s arrival.

    Information here and within courses are led by Dr Carly, and reviewed by the team

    New Baby Classes

    Midwife Run Newborn Baby Education In the Comfort of Your Home