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We know that the changes that occur with your body and emotions after birth are often overshadowed and overlooked by the focus on baby.  In our new mum class, we bring the focus back onto you – as a new parent and all the changes that come with that.

The New Mum class, as part of our signature online antenatal course, is focused on helping you explore what parenthood may feel, look and be like for you with a new baby.  Nothing is taboo – we begin with what happens with your body straight after your baby has been born, what to expect such as postnatal bleeding, perineal recovery as well as how your body will change and adapt in the first few days and weeks after birth.

As always, the class is live and interactive, with lots of practical advice on a range of topics such as pelvic floor exercises, what to eat, coping with broken sleep – for you and your birth partner to consider to aid your postnatal recovery.

Our experienced midwives also know how important it is to discuss and truly explore your self-care and emotional well-being in the postnatal period.  All aspects of how your mental and emotional well-being may be affected is discussed honestly and openly, from what it may feel like, to where you can get help, the effect on your relationships and how your partner/family can support you.

The class is recorded and sent to you to watch back whenever you need – which can be so handy for the practical exercises such as abdominal care or making a ‘padsicle’ at home!.  And our support continues after the class ends, with our midwives always happy to offer advice and a chat via email or zoom when you need it.

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New Mum Course Details

Your physical and emotional recovery is important and essential to adapting to life as a new parent – so it’s important to take time to consider your options on:

    • Bleeding after birth and what it means
    • Perineal tears and care
    • Abdominal and pelvic floor exercises
    • Breast care information and changes that occur
    • Your emotional and mental health after your baby is due
    • Adjusting to life with a baby and how to prepare


Online New Mum Classes

Midwife Run Education On Being A New Mum In the Comfort of Your Home

New Mum Classes – COVID UPDATES

With COVID dominating the news, there can be a lot of apprehension about how a new parent should approach pregnancy.

Starting a family is an amazing experience and from the date your journey begins we will be a part of it with you. Our new mum class will discuss the latest COVID research and advise on any sign that you should be aware of. We also regulary send email updates so after you book one of our classes your email will be the place to check for any changing information.


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    Advice and Tips

    New Mum Class FAQ

    How long will I bleed for after giving birth?

    Everyone will have postnatal bleeding after giving birth – regardless of the type of birth. And don’t be surprised that the bleeding is a little different to a period.

    After birth, your womb will be healing from where the placenta was attached during pregnancy and for a number of weeks after birth you will continue to have bleeding and discharge as your uterus gradually loses its pregnancy lining. We discuss in our new mum class what is normal postnatal bleeding and when to get help, as well tips on other aspects of your postnatal recovery.

    It starts off quite heavy for the first few days, then gradually becomes much less but you will continue to bleed for some weeks after birth. Gradually, you may notice that the bleeding will change and look like a heavy darkish discharge and for most it will have stopped by six weeks.

    How long will recovery from a c-section birth take?

    A caesarean birth is major abdominal surgery, and this is why it is important to rest and recover in the first six weeks. Your midwife will advise you what you should avoid doing – such as not lifting anything heavier than your baby for the first six weeks or the restrictions on driving during this time.

    It is different for everyone – but taking time to recuperate and allowing your scar to heal, as well as spending time bonding with your baby and breastfeeding is important. We discuss in detail the postnatal recovery from a c-section in our New Mum class so that you can be prepared.

    What are the baby blues?

    Baby blues are due to the sudden hormonal and chemical changes that happen in your body after giving birth. Your body (and mind) have just been through an extraordinary experience – it will take a bit of time to adjust.
    We discuss in our New Mum class what the common signs of baby blues are such as feeling:

    • emotional, irrational or overwhelmed
    • tearful (without knowing why)
    • irritable and moody
    • down or anxious

    All these symptoms are normal and usually only last for a few days. “Baby blues” are probably due to the sudden hormonal and chemical changes that take place in your body after childbirth.

    New mum education – We love helping new parents

    As midwives, we know how focused new parents are on their new baby and doing their best for them, which can often lead to neglecting your emotional and physical recovery. Your well-being is so important and getting it right in the first few days and weeks is crucial to your parenting journey, which is why we are so passionate about ensuring you are aware and prepared for all that life as a new parent brings.

    Information here and within courses are led by Dr Carly, and reviewed by the team

    New Mum Classes

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