As a new mum you will have lots of questions, but not always getting the answers you perhaps want or need.  There are many baby books online or in the book stores that will make your head swim, and which one will suit you and your baby.

Baby books that you may have bought when pregnant often have advice for your new baby as well, so that can be a comfort for you if you have found a book that you trust and have some connection with. But like so much of what you read, whether that is online or in a printed book, there is a chance that the book you choose may not suit or help you.

A good baby is a perception held by our society that babies should act in a certain way. Some baby care books take advantage of this by suggesting parents should encourage babies to be in a strict routine for their feeding and sleep.

This latest animation by Dr Amy Brown encourages new parents to put the baby books down and instead be more responsive to their baby’s needs.

Video by Dr Amy Brown Associate Professor
 Programme Director MSc Child Public Health Department of Public Health, Policy and Social Sciences Swansea University

Respond to your baby not the book - quote


**New Book: Breastfeeding Uncovered (Out September 2016)**