You may have many questions that you want to ask about how to get pregnant.  You just might be able to get some answers to questions such as Why am I finding it difficult to get pregnant? I want to know how fertile I am? and how can I improve the odds of IVF working for me?

Well the show is! – THE FERTILITY SHOW will be in London on 5-6th November 2016 and Manchester in 2017..

Tickets for The Fertility Show, which is  the UK’s largest and most established fertility event, are now on sale, as it enters its eighth year of helping all those looking to start a family by providing expert advice about the fertility journey and exploring treatment options such as IVF, egg donation and surrogacy.

Tickets for the two-day event are priced at £12 (£15 on the door) for each day or £20 for a 2-day ticket with seminar tickets £3

Each year, The Fertility Show London brings together leading fertility specialists from the UK and internationally, in one place at one time, making it an invaluable educational and informative resource for prospective parents-to-be. It’s easy to see why the show is the biggest and highest attended event for fertility patients in the world, with expert talks over the two days from the world’s leading fertility specialists and more than 100 exhibitors including information and advice groups, UK and overseas clinics, fertility assessment and investigations, charities and patient care groups, acupuncture, yoga and massage therapists and diet, nutritional and lifestyle advisors.

The Fertility Show 2016

This year has a host of expert speakers and top names in the field of fertility signed up including;

  • Adam Balen, Professor of Reproductive Medicine and Surgery at Leeds NHS Centre  Chairman of the British Fertility Society;
  • Create Fertility founder, Professor Geeta Nargund;
  • Mr Sam Abdalla, Director of the Lister Fertility Clinic;
  • journalist and bestselling author of “The Complete Guide to IVF”, Kate Brian;
  • natural health expert Dr Marilyn Glenville;
  • renowned fertility expert Zita West;
  • Susan Seenan Chief Executive of Fertility Network UK
  • George Christopoulos, IVF Hammersmith, among a range of others.

The Fertility Show has been created solely for people who need trustworthy information and advice on their fertility journey. The event allows attendees to have real conversations and the opportunity to talk one-on-one in confidence with experts, whilst keeping as much anonymity as they feel comfortable with. Seminars and Q & A’s over the two days are set to explore a range of issues and areas in fertility, ranging from:

  • Stress and its impact on fertility: Professor Jacky Boivin, Cardiff Fertility Studies Research Group
  • Improving the odds of IVF working for you – Mr Yacoub Khalaf, Medical Director, Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS explains what can influence the outcome of an IVF cycle
  • What men need to know about their fertility – an outline of the problems and how to test, boost and treat fertility: Professor Allan Pacey, University of Sheffield
  • A sensitive discussion on issues for families created with donors (egg, sperm or embryos): Olivia Montuschi, Donor Conception Network
  • How to keep the costs down – an explanation of potential ‘add-ons’ and how best to save money and get the right treatment for you: Dr John Parsons, The Assisted Conception Unit (ACU) at King’s College Hospital

The Fertility Show 2016 - Tessa Dunlop speaking at the Q&A SessionTV presenter Tessa Dunlop hosts a Q&A session at The Fertility Show

In London this year, The Fertility Show will be introducing a brand new feature – the Q&A stage which is in association with Fertility Network UK.

For the first time, the stage will give visitors the opportunity to put forward their questions, either openly or anonymously, to a panel of fertility experts and leading representatives from fertility groups and charities.

Hosted by BBC 2 Coast presenter and acclaimed journalist Tessa Dunlop, who herself has faced her own fertility struggles, the stage will run across the day on Saturday 5th November and Sunday 6th November. Leading experts including Professor Adam Balen, Dr Jane Stewart, Mr Sam Abdalla and Professor Allan Pacey will take to the stage for a series of back-to-back expert Q&A sessions throughout the 2-day show.

Tessa Dunlop has recently spoken openly about her experiences related to secondary infertility. After her second round of IVF she finally got passed the first trimester only to lose her baby to an infection at four months. Tessa shared her story of personal pain and anguish in the hope that it would break the taboo around the topic.

“It’s an honour to be hosting this fantastic new stage at The Fertility Show. Seeking advice on fertility is daunting and you can find yourself overwhelmed by the options. Everyone’s fertility journey is unique and important, so we’re urging people to come along armed with questions. I’m looking forward to meeting all the visitors at the Show and hearing more about how the UK’s top fertility experts can help guide them in the right direction.” Tessa

With Tessa hosting the stage, we hope that visitors will be inspired to ask questions with confidence in a warm and welcoming environment. So, if you’ve got an unanswered question on fertility – whether you’re happy to speak out or if you’d rather submit a question anonymously, then make sure you get your tickets for The Fertility Show.

To see the timetable for the Q&A stage and to book your tickets to the Show, please see

The Fertility Show – Manchester

With the success and popularity of the long-running London show, The Fertility Show will also be holding an additional show, for the first time, at Manchester Central Convention Complex, on 25th and 26th March 2017, with the hope of reaching a wider audience of those seeking information and advice on their fertility. Visitors to the Manchester show will experience the same educational atmosphere with unparalleled access to the best minds in fertility.

About The Fertility Show

The Fertility Show is hosted in association with Fertility Network UK who aim to raise awareness of the 1 in 6 couples in the UK struggling to become parents, explain what options exist for couples experiencing fertility problems and highlight the emotional and physical impact of infertility.

The Fertility Show 2016

The Fertility Show 2016The show takes place during National Fertility Awareness Week (31st October-6th November 2016).

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