Yes, yes, in an ideal world, we’d not only have time to go to the gym or go for a run, we’d actually want to!  We wouldn’t find excuses to skip exercise and we wouldn’t feel torn between looking great and getting the housework done!!

Being a new mum is not always conducive to fitting in time to go the gym or arranging sports matches with your friends. Looking after your newborn will always take priority, but this doesn’t mean your health has to take a backseat. We’re loving these 8 great ideas on how to fit in some mini-bursts of exercise into your everyday life.

Public transport

If you take public transport on your way to work then why not hop on and off your bus or train one stop earlier and grab those extra few minutes walking. Provided your journey isn’t too long, you could build up to walking the last two stops, then three, then maybe walk the whole way!

Nap time

Some days, just getting your little one to take a nap during the day is a great achievement. Double your success by using this precious alone time to squeeze in some exercise.

Find an empty room and bust out some press-ups, sit-ups or jumping jacks – anything to get your heart rate up.

Stairs vs. lifts & escalators

Will you really save that much time by taking the lift instead of the stairs? This isn’t always possible with a pram, but if your little one is in a baby carrier, use that extra weight and choose the stairs for a great way to burn some extra calories. You can apply this tip to escalators too for a regular fitness mini-challenge.

Aeroplane flights

If you’re jetting off on your first family holiday make sure to take regular walks up and down the aeroplane aisles, just to keep your blood flowing and joints mobilised. Adding in little movements like toe raises (which can be done in your seat) can aid circulation and help you avoid conditions like deep vein thrombosis (DVT).


If watching TV is integral to your evening routine, then why not combine it with using an exercise bike. Once the kids have gone to bed, hop on the static bike and get pedalling for an easy way to introduce more exercise into your life. Enjoy your favourite programmes while shedding calories; it’s win-win.

Involve the kids

If old enough, get your children involved with some ball games in the garden or take them for a jaunt down to the local park. Fun family activities like these will get you and your children energised and show them the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle to encourage good habits at an early age.


The majority of people don’t like doing housework but we all know it must be done. It is proven that tasks like vacuuming, dusting, gardening and scrubbing floors are all cheap and easy ways to burn off an extra few calories. Make your daily chores into a mini workout – your house and body will thank you for it.

Pick an exercise you enjoy

It seems obvious but so many people do exercise that they don’t like. It can become something they dread and inevitably give up through lack of willpower and inspiration. Find an exercise that you DO enjoy by experimenting with different classes and sports – having a positive attitude before you begin is part of the battle already won.