Whether you have a new baby, an active toddler or an inquisitive preschool child, you should be able to find a glamping holiday to suit you.

Certainly after having your first baby, there is a tendency to feel that you can’t take a holiday like you used to, or at least not one abroad anyway; you worry about needing to take the kitchen sink everywhere you go, whether your baby will be OK on a flight or long car journey and simply how you’ll find a holiday that suits all of your needs.  Fear not, these are common concerns but try not to let these worries affect your ability to take a holiday.  Quality family time is important and spending some time away from the washing, ironing and household chores every now and then is good for the soul (and for your family).

You can still have an adventure

There is no question that your holiday requirements will have changed since you had children but if you like a bit of beach luxury, you don’t need to give that up just because you are travelling with children. Likewise if you prefer an active adventure in the great outdoors, you can still make this work with young children.  The adult-only beach hut on a remote island, where you lay on a sunbed engrossed in the latest trashy novel may not be the way forward anymore, but there are plenty of holiday options out there that will lead to new experiences and lasting memories for you and your family; the key is finding the right one for you.  As we glance ahead into 2015 there are a number of up and coming travel trends that families with young children are getting animated about.  One that has really struck a chord is ‘Family Glamping’ (or camping with style).

You will have probably heard the phrase ‘glamping’ a new trend that swept the country a few years ago via the popular ‘festival culture’, glammed-up safaris etc.  For those who aren’t in the know, glamping is the term used to describe luxury camping trips.  But far from being something just aimed at festival-goers, family glamping is becoming a growing trend and one that we expect to grow.

Creature comforts under the stars

It’s fair to say that camping is not everyone’s cup of tea. Add to the mix a new baby or a couple of young children and the alarm bells start ringing.  But children really do love camping – ask any of them!  For most anti-campers, it’s the thought of sleeping on the floor, getting wet, cold and damp or giving up little luxuries that you come to expect while on holiday, after all that’s what a holiday is all about.  And then there’s the packing, the car is full to the brim and there is barely room for the kids to sit. Then there is the tent to erect in unfamiliar surroundings (sometimes in not so pleasant UK weather conditions) – oh, and don’t forget you need to keep your eye on the little ones at the same time to stop them from wandering off while you pitch up. Tensions run high as you try to work out which pole fits where and the said children try to help by mixing them all up again – sound familiar?!

If this sounds like you, but you like a little rustic living (within reason) and like the idea of sleeping under the stars, glamping could be the answer to your first ‘camping’ experience with babies and young children. Camping brings you closer to nature; it is ecologically friendly and good for the soul. Children make new friends, have the freedom to play and explore and forget about iPads and TVs at home.  Your young baby will also benefit from the fresh air, hearing new sounds, seeing new things and being close to the family.

Yurts, Tipi’s and Pods…

If you are looking at glamping accommodation make sure you use a trusted agent who can ensure safe accommodation and a safe environment for babies and young children to explore.  Some good agents will even provide a service where you can travel light and arrange for a full stock of baby supplies to be made available (i.e. nappies, milk, cot, high chair) which will certainly lighten the travel load and ease the stress. Expect your own private toilet facilities, showers, kitchen appliances, comfortable beds and heating so the adults and children can get a good night’s sleep. Whether it is a Yurt, a Tipi or a Pod most have soft furnishings, rugs and some even have Astroturf floors! Even the most anti-camper can’t fail to be impressed, it’s certainly worth a try.

Where to go Glamping!


Luxury Domes & Tipis  in Wales.  Fluffy rugs and welsh blankets adorn the interior of these luxury Domes and Tipis near Powys Wales. The children will love following the trail around the grounds, the feely boxes, giant game of Jenga or nipping into the craft area while the adults relax in the hammock with a book and glass of wine or soak in their own private hot tub!

West Wales

Tipi’s and yurts in West Wales. Family run award winning site with fabulous views over the Welsh countryside. There are five different nomadic glamping experiences and a communal log cabin with cooking range. The grounds are amazing with woodland play area, seven ring labyrinth with central totem pole and the site is totally green.


Beautifully equipped hand-painted Yurts on a former dairy farm with unspoilt countryside views. Private showers and fluffy towels and communal kitchen/dining room. Plus a cottage within the grounds for the grandparents too!


Amazing domes in South West France.  A total of six luxury family-friendly domes situated on this fun packed campsite with swimming pool, playground, sports area, restaurant and bar and just 15 minutes’ drive from ST Jean de Luz beach. Each dome is beautifully kitted out with Astroturf flooring and hanging beds for the kids!

Lot region

Children’s oasis of fun! A choice of two wonderful glamping style tents on this family friendly hamlet of cottages where children will feel like they are in wonderland! Enclosed gardens, saltwater pool and toddler pool, fort, toys games, free gift for all children and cooked meals available.

Charente region

Luxury Mongolian Yurt sharing the grounds and fabulous swimming pool with one other villa. Private shower room and kitchen with full size cooker, hob, sink fridge, freezer and washing machine!

About Holiday Tots

Holiday Tots specialises in sourcing high-quality holiday properties tailored to families with pre-school children helping busy parents find suitable holiday accommodation. It is a family business led by mum of four, Sachelle Mansour, who has a passion for travel. Sachelle has first-hand experience of holidaying with babies, toddlers and young children, having visited many countries in the world from the UK to New Zealand, as there are 23 years between her oldest and youngest child.

By Sachelle Mansour, owner of Holiday Tots (www.holidaytots.co.uk)