Will you be a fashion pregnancy bump guru?  But first of all, many congratulations on your pregnancy… but shush it is early days and you might want to keep it a secret for a little while.

This is an exciting time, and you may want to shout from the rooftops and feel like you have a post-it-note stuck on your forehead telling the world.  However, in your 1st trimester, which is usually classed in weeks from being 0-13 weeks, you will be able to wear your normal clothes.

If you are like many women, you will be looking ahead and planning your wardrobe.  In these early days your normal clothes will probably suffice, but when at home why not look at your wardrobe and select the items that give you comfort. But be aware that around 6 weeks your jeans/trousers may start to feel tight, as your womb has gone from the size of a plum to that of a small orange.

Fashion Pregnancy bump style at work

Empire line style

Regardless of your current shape, comfort will be desired when at work.  Your mind will be very focused on what is actually happening to your body and growing baby, so thoughts do not need to be focused on whether you are showing or not.  So look for dresses that have an empire waist, as they offer a flattering high waist without compromising on style and without giving away any secrets.


Trimester 1 pregnancy - empire line style dress


A-line printed or plain tops or blouses

You will almost certainly be able to wear your current jeans or trousers in the very early days, but if you do need to unbutton them then wearing a stylish printed, plain top or blouse will help you disguise any bumps and give you confidence and comfort.

trimester 1 pregnancy loose a-line maternity top or blouse


Oh yes the ever comfortable leggings.  Not everyone will want to wear leggings/jeggings, but with so many designs and colours now available they are an option for those early days when you want to feel comfortable and only want to compromise on your style a little bit…

Pregnancy Fashion Bump - 1st Trimester - leggings