So your fashion conscious pregnancy bump status continues… you are now in the 2nd trimester, also known as 14-27 weeks.  The 2nd trimester is often felt by many pregnant women to be the “planning” or “blooming” trimester.  Hopefully by now your early pregnancy symptoms will have passed.  Plus, you will most definitely have a pregnancy bump and will have probably shared the news that you a pregnant?

Fashion Pregnancy bump style

Every pregnancy and woman is unique so don’t expect your clothes to fit, some women never consider maternity clothes, where some will need them and can’t wait to buy a new wardrobe.

You no longer have to “hide” your bump, you can show off in style.  At around 26 weeks, the height of the top of your womb is approximately 26cm (10in)  It is quite a clever link between the number of weeks of pregnancy and what midwives call your “fundal height” which starts at 12 weeks when it’s 12cm and continues up to 36 weeks.

So with that in mind you will need to purchase maternity clothing that will grow with you and your baby.

Maternity Jeans

This could well become a staple of your maternity wardrobe so choose carefully.  There are many different styles of maternity jeans, and not all of them are comfortable.

If jeans are going to be a key part of your style consider buying something good quality, as your pregnancy lasts approximately 266 days, so you’ll probably wear your maternity jeans for at least 200 of those days plus a few more post-pregnancy.

Fashion Pregnancy Bump - 2nd Trimester Jeans

Maternity Tops and dresses

With so many beautiful maternity tops to choose from it will come down to personal choice.  But there are a few tips we would like to share with you.

  • Temperature
    As your body temperature is slightly higher throughout pregnancy you will perspire more readily to get rid of the heat from you and your baby so consider this when looking at fabrics, try to choose cottons and natural fibres.

Maternity Tops 2nd Trimester - cotton tops

  • Stripey tops
    Get looking at horizontal stripes as they work brilliantly on a pregnant figure. Go on show off your gorgeous bump.
  • Long tops
    If you choose a long top or tunic with leggings they are easy to put on, will grow with you and can be worn again post pregnancy.
  • Dresses
    Again the choice of dresses is vast and many are so easy to wear and look very feminine.  A lovely time to embrace your pregnancy and wear a dress, especially during the summer months as they help you keep cool.

Maternity dresses 2nd Trimester - stripey dresses