On the home straight now of your pregnancy.  Your fashion pregnancy bump will be getting a lot bigger now.  The 3rd trimester, often referred to as 27-40 weeks will see you possibly gain an average of 5kg (11lb) in this trimester.  Your baby will be getting fatter, longer and bigger all round.  Your bump will be expanding and feeling a lot heavier.

So to fashion, well it will of course be about comfort, and definitely about an investment in a maternity/nursing top that will assist you to breastfeed after the birth.

Fashion Pregnancy Bump – Maternity and Nursing Tops

There are many beautiful designs to choose from, but some tips to consider.

  • Try to choose natural fabrics, that have some elastic in them to give you comfort and stretch.
  • When choosing a size bear in mind that if you are breastfeeding your bust will increase in size so make sure you take that into account when ordering.
  • Try and choose a colour that won’t show any marks easily or possible breastmilk leaks
  • In the late stages of pregnancy a baby born from 32 weeks can suck, which means if born at this time they would be able to feed, so do have a breastfeeding /nursing top in your wardrobe

Nursing tops and maternity 3rd trimester

Your Bust will need support

One of the first symptoms of pregnancy can be sore and tender breasts.  It is very common for women to have a lot of change, discomfort and numerous changes as your body and baby develops.

Not only in the 3rd trimester, but throughout your pregnancy a good quality, support maternity bra and then in the 3rd trimester a nursing bra will help ease any discomfort.

What is a maternity bra?

So what is the difference to a maternity bra compared to a normal bra.  Mainly that they give support and comfort to women with sensitive and growing breasts during pregnancy.   They often have wider straps and no underwires.

Nursing bra for breastfeeding and maternity bra - 3rd trimester

During the first six months of pregnancy, you won’t need a nursing bra.  At around eight to ten weeks of pregnancy, you might experience your breasts increasing by a cup size. Cup size changes are different for everyone but 2-3 cups increase is very common. This means that your breasts are going to get bigger and more sensitive and to cope with this change, maternity bras are best.

Make sure these bras are size-adjustable and will fit properly without hurting, especially if your breasts increase even more. Two bras are recommended to switch when one is in the wash.

It is not uncommon for pregnant women to have issues while sleeping, so if you are uncomfortable at night invest in a sleep bra.

What is a nursing bra?

A nursing bra is similar to a maternity bra in that it gives support and comfort but allows lactating women to breastfeed.   Nursing bras can include zips and tend to have a wider covering, and are specially designed to allow women to breastfeed their babies without removing the bra.  There are many different styles to suit each individual breastfeeding mother.  Many women are fitted for a nursing bra in this trimester.

If you choose to breastfeed your baby, buying a nursing bra is essential.  During the breastfeeding and nursing period, your nipples will become extra sensitive, so it is important to get soft to the touch and comfortable bras to ensure a comfortable breastfeeding experience.

Do invest in at least three nursing bras to ensure good support and comfort and allow for washing, as leaks are not uncommon when you are establishing breastfeeding. At least 2 for day time wear and perhaps one for night.

Don’t be surprised if your breast size changes and that you may need to invest in a new set of bras during the time of establishing breastfeeding or afterwards, as your size can increase or decrease over time.