You’ve survived mother’s day, the sugar fuelled mania of Easter is well and truly forgotten and Christmas isn’t even in sight – that’s right, roll on summer and enjoy the one day of the year that is dedicated to you lads, I mean Dads!

Father’s day is on the horizon and I can almost smell the cooked breakfast… I have to admit, I know father’s day is kind of a cheesy occasion, but I really do enjoy it. Its occasions like these that force you to slow down the pace of everyday life and spend time with the people who matter most to you.

For me that’s my boys and my wife, and father’s day (and other occasions like it) give us a great excuse to avoid making plans with anyone else and do as we please – guilt free as a family for the entire day, and for that I will always be grateful for these occasions.

I remember my first father’s day really took me by surprise, suddenly you get another day just for you. It’s like having an extra birthday, but for doing something truly remarkable AND you get a lay in and can even call the shots, ‘but we have to watch top gear, it is Father’s day after all….’ The strangest part was hearing my old man wishing me a happy father’s day (Also, don’t forget your own Dad!)

On Father’s day I like nothing more than a good lay in (that’s till about 8am in our house) maybe breakfast in bed and then to spend the day playing around and messing about with the boys. As Father’s day falls in summer we can usually be found in our local park running about with a ball, and we always pop in an see the Grandpa too!

It always hit’s me on Father’s day that I, me, Alec Dobbie, am actually a Dad. This may seems silly as I have been playing this role for 6 years now but I still find it quite incredible sometimes. So I would like to reflect on the things I have a learnt since becoming a Father.

Dads need to wear a multitude of hats, you need to be 10 men rolled into one. The “silly playing games in the mud” dad,  the “cuddles when the kids are sad dad”,  the “do your homework please” dad, the “on the naught step now” dad, and as a work from home dad, the “daddy is working now” dad.

Running Your Baby Club has made me even more aware of my role as a parent, probably because I am in the parenting industry now, and so I am more also more aware of my flaws as a father too. I think I’m good at getting on the kids level and seeing things from there point of view, but like so many of us, I am sometimes too slow to discipline and at other times too fast. I try to remember that no one is perfect and you just have to make sure you give it your best shot. And is for all these reasons – the multitude of hats we wear, the things we get wrong and the things we get right, that we really do deserve our father’s day.

So from me to you all Happy Father’s day lads. Enjoy

Alec Dobbie – Founder and Director of Your Baby Club

About Your Baby Club

Alec Dobbie is the founder and director of Your Baby Club. Alec started the club after his wife became frustrated from the constant spamming she received after joining a few well known baby clubs. Alec, a tech software guy by trade saw a way of modernising and improving the baby based sampling business as well as giving new mums and families a few treats in the post. So, with his friend Raf he set about creating a platform to give mums and families great insight into brands, in one place, without personal data being sold to random third parties.

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