Feeling beautiful at the Christmas do – Maternity Party Wear that rocks!

Even the best Christmases are pretty stressful – but throw in swollen ankles, rampant indigestion and the emotional stability of a PMT convention stuck in a ten-mile traffic jam and you’ll find a pregnant Christmas can be a fraught one.

Your hormones are in overdrive – whilst bursting into tears over an Andrex advert one minute and a violent rage at that jammed kitchen drawer, the next. Your body is changing daily and your relationships with those close to you are changing, too.

The Party season is upon us, and just because you have a bump doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find something gorgeous to wear! Many women will still be working and getting ready for those all to exciting Christmas parties! Well some will, others will be wondering ” what on earth will I wear?”


Festive and frumpy

Oh no, it’s party time. Apart from the yawn-inducing tedium of watching friends/family/colleagues get steaming drunk while you nurse a Britvic orange, there’s the dilemma of what to wear. Your favourite little black dress no longer even goes over your bum – it can be difficult to adjust to the new larger you, especially if you’ve spent years trying to keep the pounds off.

Crass comments like “My God, you’ve got even BIGGER!” don’t help.

But, above all, work at feeling positive about your new shape, enjoy no longer having to hold in your tummy and make the most of your new assets i.e. a Grand Canyon cleavage.


Yes, you can look stunning!

There are an array of amazingly stylish maternity party dresses on the market. Nothing quite comes close however to one of our favourites, Adelie.

Adelie’s Maternity Christmas party range, consisting of lace midi’s, beautifully cut maxi’s, flattering tops, bump accentuating jumpsuits, super comfy tailored trousers and the essential striking red number!






Adelie’s attention to detail is impeccable, as is their knowledge for what women want; maternity wear that is beautiful but also comfortable. The soft stretchy material used to create these pieces feels amazing on your bump allowing you to breathe and not overheat!


Many of the items in this gorgeous collection are also suitable for post birth, enabling easy nursing through their ingenious design



To have a closer look at the Amelie Maternity range, please go to https://www.adeliematernity.com/shop/