Unless your baby loves her bath from the word go, there’s no need to bath her every day – once or twice a week is enough and a topping and tailing routine on the other days is fine.

Topping and tailing your baby

  1. Gather everything you need together before you begin. You will need:
    • A bowl of lukewarm water
    • Cotton wool
    • A towel
    • A clean nappy
    • Nappy cream, if used
    • If necessary, fresh clothes
  2. Undress your baby down to her nappy, then clean her eyes carefully, using cool boiled water and wiping from the inner corner outwards. Use a fresh piece of cotton wool for each wipe and for each eye to stop cross infection and finish by cleaning around the contours of her eyes Next clean around her nose, the skin creases around her neck and under her chin. Then clean the contours of her ears, without poking the cotton wool into the actual ear hole, then her face
  3. Clean her hands, under her arms and around her cord stump or belly button, then remove her nappy
  4. Changing cotton wool frequently, clean her nappy area. There’s no need to pull back your little boy’s foreskin or to clean inside a baby girl’s labia – these delicate areas are self-cleansing and easily hurt. Wipe your little girl’s nappy area from front to back, to avoid transferring any germs to her genitals
  5. Pat your baby dry, paying special attention to the area around the cord stump, then put on a clean nappy and clothes