Halloween is all about fun, spooky fun, but fun nonetheless.  Whether you have a houseful of terrifying toddlers of petrifying preteens, here are some great games for the whole family to enjoy!

Apple Bobbing: It’s a classic, but it’s fun and and messy – just what children love!!  Float apples in a bucket of water and get the children to retrieve them using only their mouths!  If you’re not up for the mess, you could try apple swinging instead; tie string around each apple stem and hang the apples from a doorway. The children can then take turns biting into the swinging fruit while keeping their hands behind their backs! For a sweeter alternative, hang ring doughnuts from the string instead of apples – likely to be a much more tempting proposition!

The Mummy game: A great game for Halloween.  Children are split into teams , with one person chosen to be the ‘mummy’. The rest have to race against the clock to wrap their ‘mummy’ in loo roll from head to toe, making sure they leave a gap for them to breathe. The team with the best wrapped mummy is the winner.

Eyeball relay: For a ghoulish egg-and-spoon race, divide children into teams. The first child on each team carries a spoon with a ping-pong ball ‘eye’ to the end of the course and back, passing it on to the second child. The fastest team wins!

Revolting Recipes: Fill bowls with things like baked beans (bat droppings), jelly (monster’s brains), rice pudding (vampire’s blood) or cold spaghetti (giant worms). Cover them until children close their eyes, or are blindfolded, and then let them guess what each bowl really contains by smelling and feeling the contents. Top tip: keep some wipes handy for sticky fingers!

Ghost-hunt: Turn out the lights, give each child a torch and let players search in the dark for paper ghost cutouts that have been hidden around the party area.

Halloween Treasure Hunt: Dress the room the treasure hunt will be taking place in with Halloween-style decorations. You could make cardboard stand-up gravestones, paper spider-webs and attach cut-out bats to the ceiling. Then simply hide various goodies around the room for the kids to find.

Make the party classics more creepy…

Halloween SpiderThere is a whole host of traditional party games that can be given a spooky Halloween twist:

Zombie Musical Statues – play with themed spooky music.

Pass the pumpkin – instead of a present, pass a pumpkin filled with treats around – each time the music stops, take a treat!  After a set time period the winner wins the remainder of the treats and the pumpkin.

What’s the time Mrs Witch? – Just like ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’, one player is chosen to be Mrs Witch with a witches hat and broom, she faces away from the other players.  When they ask ‘What’s the time Mrs Witch’ she tells them and they take the corresponding number of footsteps towards her, until she yells ‘Halloween’ and then chases to catch them.  The first player to be caught becomes the new witch.

Pin the tail on the witches cat, or pin the heart on the skeleton, pin the wart on the witches nose…. You get the drift!!  The player who gets closest to the target whilst blindfolded wins the prize.

Horrific hide and seek – turn this children’s classic into a ghastly game of terror by turning off all the lights and using only torchlight to find your victims!

Sleeping Zombies – for when you need to calm things down, all your little zombies must lie on the floor and if anyone moves, they are out.  The last zombie lying down is the winner.