So, you’ve got your kiddies’ costumes sorted and the clocking is counting down towards the spookiest night of the year.  If you’re planning a Halloween Party, you’ll be wanting to make sure that you’ve got all the terrifying details covered, from ghostly invitations to ghastly food!!  We’ve got some advice from party experts Wish Upon a Party on making sure your Halloween event goes with a bang and is a total ‘screeeeam!’


Get your party invitations out nice and early before the party. Halloween invitations are a must – the more elaborate the better, remember the perfect invitation is the first impression you make on your guests! Build suspense, and remember all the vital information- date, time, venue, what to wear, and always ask about allergies for your Halloween menu.

Organise some ‘Mummy and Daddy helpers’ or hire a professional children’s entertainer

To create a stress free and amazing party, your children guests need grown up supervision for safety reasons and to prevent any ‘Slime’ going on your new sofa! Adults can help with the party games and party rules, making sure every guest has fun! A professional entertainer will lead games and make sure that your party runs as smoothly as possible – from witches and wizards, to cats and bats or even something less spooky like a favourite Disney character!

Costume Choices

If you’re hosting the party – then you must get into the spirit with a fabulous outfit for you and your little ones! There are so many inexpensive DIY outfits to choose from, and gorgeous outfits available even in supermarkets and on the high street! Why not choose a family theme? Make your guests giggle when they are greeted at the door by the whole Adams family!!

Witches hatDecorating your home or venue

Decorating is such fun – and for a Halloween event the more, the better! ** TOP TIP** Lighting can be crucial for a Halloween event to have the wow factor – there are cheap and simple options online that have a real impact from fake candles to battery operated pumpkins!

Food and Treats

What’s a good halloween party without edible eyeballs? Try theming your food to look like Halloween favourites – witches broth to drink, monsters hair to eat, and sandwiches cut out like vampires teeth!  We’ve got some great Halloween Recipes here, if you fancy having a go yourself!

Adults Refreshments

If you do choose to invite some yummy Mummy’s and Daddy’s to your event have a go at Halloween themed drinks and nibbles for them too!

Party Bags

Don’t let your guests leave without a bag of spooky treats!

Good Luck!

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