The witches are dusting off their broomsticks, the zombies are awakening and the trick or treaters will soon be on the doorstep!  Yes, the spookiest night on the calendar is lurking just around the corner so with this in mind, here are some fun and creative ways to decorate your house this Halloween that can be removed without a trace once the ghosts have gone back into hiding…

Go dark

There’s nothing more scary than the dark, but for little ones you may not want to overdo it!  Use black tablecloths and furniture covers and dim (rather than turn off) the lights to create an eerie mood that won’t terrify them too much!  Instead of candles, there are some great led alternatives that will help set the spooky tone too!

Spooky music

A quick scan of Spotify will show you a whole host of spooky playlists, haunted houses, creaking doors, bloodcurdling screams!  Again for littlies, this may be a bit intense so make sure you have a listen through before the big day!  There are plenty of child friendly, fun halloween compilations on YouTube too, so it’s worth taking some time to find the right tone for your child.

Paint a Halloween themed blackboard

Creating a Halloween blackboard is a great way to provide a platform for further fun and it couldn’t be easier to do. Simply paint a large piece of MDF with blackboard paint, and then let the children cover the edges with plastic spiders and other Halloween inspired decorations. Once finished, grab your chalks and let the fun begin. You could write up Halloween recipes, draw spooky designs or write ghostly messages to one another…

Hang a Halloween wreath


Dig out those Christmas wreaths and give them a ghoulish revamp, with the added bonus of not ruining your door! To make the wreath, tightly wrap a black feather boa around your existing Christmas one and then simply attach Halloween decorations. For a truly creepy effect you could attach plastic eyeballs, or if you’re preparing for some trick or treat visitors, perhaps add a few chocolate Halloween shapes. Rather than nailing your wreath into your door, invest in some command strips. These heavy-duty adhesive strips will keep your wreath in place and when it’s time to take it down, you can remove the strip without a trace.

Upcycling your old furniture

A great and inexpensive way to get your house looking spooky is to simply give your old unwanted furniture a Halloween makeover. It gives children a great opportunity to be creative, as well as making use out of unwanted furniture. You could take an old chest of drawers, paint it to look like a coffin, then fill it with Halloween goodies and sweets. Afterwards, this can be put in storage, ready to be re-used next year, or simply re-painted and re-purposed somewhere else in the home. Remember, if you haven’t got any old furniture to use, you can easily pick some up at local car boot sale, or in a nearby charity shop.

Create your own flying ghosts

Balloon GhostsThese are a really effective non-permanent way to decorate your home and your children will love them. Blow up some white balloons and give the kids a black marker pen to carefully draw on some scary faces. After they have finished, drape white gauze cloth over the head of the balloon, letting it dangle down to create a ghostly figure. Make sure you cut a small hole in the top of the cloth where you can push the knot of the balloon through. Tie some invisible string around the knot and you have your own ghostly figure to hang up!

Make some spooky door handles

It’s probably not something that’s occurred to you before, but door handles can be a great, reversible decoration. Buy some plain wooden handles, and let your children paint them black. Once dry, decorate with some glow in the dark paint (I would recommend painting on skulls for the spookiest effect), then simply unscrew your existing door handles and screw in your newly painted Halloween themed ones. Your doors will be transformed and you can easily swap back the handles once Halloween is over.

Spooky Food

From pumpkin cookies to bat biscuits, ghostly pizza to spider meatballs, you can really go to town on Halloween treats and even the most hideous looking food will go down a storm!