How can you help support a breastfeeding mum?….

A good baby is a perception held by our society that babies should act in a certain way. Some baby care books take advantage of this by suggesting parents should encourage babies to be in a strict routine for their feeding and sleep.


There is no need to make any physical preparations for breastfeeding.  However, finding out about feeding from someone who has breastfed their children, and having the phone number of a breastfeeding counsellor, will mean that you are as well prepared as you can be.

Many first-time mothers find getting breastfeeding established difficult and combined with the baby blues it can be a very emotional time. Problems will not go away on their own so ask for help and support immediately. Routines are important if they help you relax and enjoy your new baby, but don’t feel you have to have a strict and rigid one.

Watch the video to give you some advice and support on how you don’t have to be in control all of the time.

Raising Breasteeding rates is really important

Video by Dr Amy Brown Associate Professor
 Programme Director MSc Child Public Health Department of Public Health, Policy and Social Sciences Swansea University

Dr Amy Brown says Raising breastfeeding rates is really important


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