There’s no doubt about it, we love the hand made cards, the kisses and cuddles and the extra attention that we get on Mother’s Day, but do you hanker after a little more?  Do you hope that there’ll be a few more extravagant gifts, maybe a meal out and some general splashing of cash in appreciation for all you do?  According recent research, it would seem that our attitudes to what we will or won’t receive on Mothering Sunday is dependent on where we live!

Recent research has revealed that mums in Scotland expect the most to be spent on them in terms of Mother’s Day gifts, whilst those in the South West would be content with as little as a simple card and flowers.

A total of 1,982 mothers who lived in different regions of the UK were polled for the purpose of the survey*.  All participants had at least one child aged 13 years or above and had not yet been informed as to what they would be receiving as their Mother’s Day gift this year. Of the mothers polled, 24% had one child, 47% had two, and 29% had three or more.

When asked to disclose if they were expecting a present from their child or children this Mother’s Day, the vast majority (88%) stated that they were, with 84% of the mothers stating that they had received at least one present last year. Of those who had received gifts from their children last year, 59% were satisfied with their presents, whilst 41% confessed that they had been expecting a little more to be spent on them in terms of the quality or quantity of the presents.

In order to correctly identify the regions of the UK where the most “materialistic mothers” live, those mums that said they were expecting a gift for Mother’s Day this year were asked to state how much they would ideally expect their child or children to spend on them.

The average gift spend expected by mothers in each region for Mothering Sunday emerged as follows:

  1. Scotland – (£55)
  2. North West – (£47)
  3. London – (£44)
  4. West Midlands – (£35)
  5. East of England – (£28)
  6. East Midlands – (£25)
  7. Northern Ireland – (£23)
  8. South East – (£21)
  9. Wales – (£18)
  10. Yorkshire and Humber – (£14)
  11. North East – (£12)
  12. South West (£10)

When questioned as to what their idea of the perfect Mother’s Day gift would be, a fancy meal out (32%), a day at a spa (25%), or a nice piece of jewellery (19%) were the most popular answers given by mums in Scotland. At the other end of the spectrum, mothers in the South West would prefer a nice bunch of flowers (62%), a box of chocolates (11%), or toiletries (9%).

Of course we think NowBaby mums deserve a whole lot more than that!!  Time to start hinting, ladies….

*conducted by the money saving website