The shopping list for a new baby seems a bit endless doesn’t it?  There are the obvious things that of course you will most definitely need – a car seat, a pushchair/pram, clothes, nappies, but are there things that you actually could get by without?  For example how necessary is a moses basket?

Moses Basket!

Mim Well…..we did have them, I bought one and borrowed one (have twins). The girls were 7 weeks early so v small and were in them a while. We didn’t carry them up and down as someone we know did that and the handles broke, baby fell down the stairs. If I had another, I’d put them in the cot with rolled up towels either side to give them the comfort etc

Evette:  Yes, cots are too big for newborns. Moses baskets are also very portable. Baby can sleep downstairs and be Carried up in the basket. My baby was in hers for 5 months.

Katie:  yes and he liked it but was only in it for 3 months as he was very tall don’t think they are worth the money unless you have more than one baby

Leah: Only good value if you intend to have more than 1 child and reuse it. In my experience they aren’t big enough to provide enough comfort for babies after a few weeks. Good for portability although I wouldn’t carry my baby around in it at all in case of handles breaking.

Laura: yes my 11 week old baby’s still in hers, a great investment

Terrie-lee: I think it all depends on the size of your baby. . My first was 7lb 11 and was in it to 10 weeks, 2nd was 9lb 3 and was only in it 3 weeks it was just so small. Cribs are better value for money in my eyes

Veronika:  Waste of money. Only used it for 7 weeks and that’s it! Not getting it this time as baby will sleep in his cotbed straight away.

Martha: I would go as far as saying they are dangerous. I have had three babies and they all slip into the side. We eventually got a crib, which I wish we had done when my eldest was born. Absolute waste of money

Danielle: Cribs are better all the way x

Eimantė:  I had one but my baby didnt like it…

Emily:  I used the carrycot that came with my pram. It lasted for 6 months.  If I didn’t have the carrycot, I would have bought a crib rather than a Moses basket as I feel they last longer.

Katrina: Waste of money if you ask me, neither of my girls liked it , tried for two weeks, but wouldn’t sleep, so I put them in cot and they slept through straight away, never had a sleepless night since.x

Pia:  We opted for a sliding crib, longer use than from a moses basket as it’s bigger but too huge like having a cot and lasts better for the next child, the one we have is now being used by our 3rd child, we just got a new mattress for it  x

Kim:  I used one for both of my boys and would happily use one again. They are portable and convenient. With our first we only had a small house so there wasn’t room for a cot in our room, the basket enabled us to have him in our room and I think they were both in it for about 6 months before transferring to cots in their own rooms.

Danni:  Moses baskets are amazing. I bought one for both my babies. And both slept in them until around 5-6 months and then went in their cots. They’re easily moved about, so can be in the front room during the day etc. with my second we got a rocking one which was a god send. Soothes him during his colic. Plus easy to see baby and if need to be to get baby quickly

Tracy:  I used one for 3 weeks that was all, Hollie preferred sleeping in her pram

Rachael:  Only used a moses basket with my first born, and transported it up/down the stairs as per day/night sleeping requirements until he was old enough (and big enough! ) to go into his cotbed. With my second born we had a swinging crib upstairs for night time sleeping and the moses basket downstairs for daytime sleeps and he was using it up until 5/6months

Kirsty:   Well worth it lollipop lanes one are affordable and fab quality I didn’t buy first time but soo wish I had

Julia: Our lb HATED his moses basket (then again he hated his cot too!) He spent most of the time in our bed as it was the only place he’d slee

Monika: Definitely, I had a Moses basket and used it until my daughter started sleeping through the night at 9 weeks ,

Rachel:  My baby didn’t like it at all, think the longest she stayed in there was 20 mins, even with a comfy new mattress. We were given it by a family member and have lent it to friends now for when their little one arrives. Unfortunately until baby arrives you’ll never know if it’s a worthwhile investment.

Lauren:  I agree with Evette

Stacey:  Best thing ever for me my son was in for ages and I keep the same the one for my little girl who due 7 weeks it the same one my son used it unisex so I didn’t have to go out change it xxx so pleased I brought a unisex everything xxx

Stacy:  We bought a moses basket. and a Graco swing. my little one wouldn’t sleep in the moses basket, she slept in the swing for 4 months, managed a month in the basket before going in her cot at 5 months

Lisa:  Our twins were 6 weeks early and came home after just 10 days so for us their moses baskets were fab as the babies were so teeny tiny! We used for our third baby too, but not for long as she preferred her cot!