Keep calm and wear the baby!

By Amy Stead author of


From the time my second baby was born, it seemed logical to do what I possibly could to make our family life as organised and as productive as possible. From a mere few weeks into her life, Dad was back at work flying back and too to other countries, and we lived 5000 miles away from family. We had an older sibling to get to and from school, house chores, food shops, dog walks and array of tasks which required me to be hands free. For a Mum, having a new-born baby and being hands free isn’t that easily achieved. For a lot of the time in those early months it was just the kids and me. I decided to buy The Boba wrap and it turned out to be the perfect piece of baby equipment for us at that time.

Frankie was and still is to an extent a baby that thrived from the comfort of being as close as she could to me. Carrying her in the wrap not only gave my arms freedom to carry my older daughters bags into school and fold all that laundry, it also seemed to be Frankie’s happy place. It made her so calm and content to be carried around in there. The theory of it giving them a sense of being in the safety and warmth of the womb seems so accurate. It was rare that I’d hear a peep out of her.

Little Joey

She became my little Joey hanging out in her pouch and giving me the head movement signal when she wanted to latch on for her feed! If we were out and about I could just adjust her position slightly and she could get what she needed from me. House chores became do-able and dog walks were pleasurable as she would scream in protest on the entire walk if she was lay down in her pram. It was also super comfortable to wear. It really did make our lives easier in those whirlwind new-born months.

Good support

The Boba wrap was perfect for Frankie as a new-born as it held her closely to my body and protected her floppy neck. As she got bigger though we needed to upgrade, from 2 months onward Frankie was growing into a big strong bouncing baby, I found that the wrap began to slip downwards with her in it. After looking at various carriers I bought the Ergo Baby 360 which gave so much more support for an ever growing infant.

We took it everywhere we went and if Frankie got irritable in the pram I would put the ergo baby on and put her in it. Again, once in the carrier, she wouldn’t make a peep of sound. I’d often have her front facing so that she could see her surroundings. Sometimes she would face me if she was napping. But I loved that the Ergo also had the option to carry her on my back or hip!  We took the carrier to Thailand with us and it made the airport drama minimal. Whilst in Thailand we went to an elephant sanctuary that required lots of walking on rough terrain. A pram would have been impossible, so we put her in the carrier, apart from pit stops for nappy changes and a bit of a breather, she was in it for pretty much the duration of the experience and all the while she was completely happy as Larry!  It truly became an essential bit of baby equipment, especially for travel!


Having the baby close added to our bond

The simple act of having her so close to me seemed perfectly natural. There was more to it than simply ‘wearing the baby’, as not only was it giving her a sense of security, it reduced otherwise stressful situations for both of us and most wonderfully of all it added to our mummy-baby bond. Carrying her like that felt special, and to be frank instinctive. For myself the proof is in the pudding for its results, as it gave way for a calm baby and in turn a calm Mummy!

Since Frankie turned one and started to walk our baby wearing days have started to slow down. But the great thing about the Ergo is that it can be used for a child up to 4 years old! I know there will be times in which we may be travelling or she’s just too tired to walk and I can put her in the carrier to restore peace and calm once more!

My best advice is try out a variety of carriers out in store to see what’s comfortable for you.  When you do find one you like, bear in mind they can seem fiddly at first and may need a bit of adjusting things around, but you will soon become a Super mum or Dad at wearing the baby with practise!