What is the best way to keep my young child safe when we are out and about?

“Children under three can’t remember safety advice, so it is important that they have an adult with them when you’re out and about.   Cars are really dangerous. They’re actually a major cause of accidental death for children. When you’re walking down the street with your child, remember that you stay on the kerbed side, so you’re walking next to the traffic, and your child is on the inside away from the kerb and away from the traffic.

Hold their hand tightly or use walking reins to keep them safe. And if you’re taking them out in their pushchair, remember to strap them in, so that they can’t get out and run in front of a car.

If you’re going on a car journey, it’s really important to use a child car seat. It’s always safest for children to travel in the back of a car.   Young children love water, but it’s important to remember that young children can drown quickly and silently in just a few centimetres of water, so it’s really important that an adult is with them, supervising them when they’re playing in water, and at the end of the day, empty out the paddling pool, so that you don’t have the water there if your child gets out of the back door.

If you’ve got a pond, keep it fenced off. It can be really fun taking your child out, but think about the very small, simple, practical things that you can do that will make your child safe.”