Your baby’s first smile will make your heart melt.  It may not be a full on beam, and generally a smile from birth are often first attempts at his muscles just practising. Nevertheless, they are special and if you as mummy or daddy get that first smile, you will be overjoyed.

Here are some tips on how to get your baby to smile.  Obviously not an exhaustive list, but some ideas to help you enjoy your baby, bond with them and make them smile.

How to make your baby smile

First beam - making your baby smile

First Beam

Try getting a gummy smile from just a few weeks old.

Hold about 30cm away

(he can’t focus much further than that)

and tempt your baby to return your smile by talking to him quietly.

Playing games like peek-a-boo will make your baby smile


A timeless classic game

This game teaches your baby that things will continue to exist even when they cannot be seen.

Get chuckling….

Nibbling and kissing baby fingers and toes to make your baby smile

Nibbling fingers & toes

Get them giggling away as you nibble on those gorgeous bits…

try blowing raspberries too on necks & tummies


Siblings make babies smile

Something different

Try different faces, visitors, siblings, family pet…

face-to-face time

with loving gazes

Touch, massage and stroking your baby will make them smile

Mr Tickle….

Your baby will adore being touched.

It is reassuring and part of the bonding.

Gentle tickling, softly bending limbs and using your finger to lovingly touch with laughter to make your baby smile.

Being silly, playing games with your baby

Being silly…

Babies love it.

Animal impressions, singing, pretend sneezing, or dancing around the room with your baby..

grins and giggles from your favourite person

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