Yes there are times when we wish our partner would change more nappies, put a load of washing on or just let us get a little bit more sleep, but let’s be honest most of the time, they’re pretty amazing and there’s no better way to say thank you than on your baby’s first father’s day.  Whilst you may not have the time or the energy to go to town on celebrations, we’ve come up with a few simple ideas for you and your little one to show Daddy just how special he is….

Father’s Day Sleep Tokens

You can be as generous as you like here, but why not print off one, two or three (we think three is probably a bit too generous!!) of these sleep tokens to give Daddy a well-deserved lie in!

Father's Day Sleep Token

Get Creative

Little hands and little feet make perfect prints for cards, t-shirts or even mugs!  You and your little one can make a keepsake to treasure forever with some paint and some card at home, or if you’re feeling more adventurous why not organise a group of friends and head to a ceramic cafe…

A Day for Daddy

Little people are so transportable, so you could plan a family day out, but doing something that you know he would love.  A car show, a boat trip, or even a long walk ending with lunch at his favourite pub, just make sure the emphasis is on his favourite things to do!  If you’re both exhausted and a day out seems like too much of a challenge, make it a special day at home, with his favourite food, movies and maybe even an afternoon snooze!

Mummy and Daddy Time

As much as he loves your little one, we bet he loves time alone with you just as much!  Instead of an expensive gift, why not arrange for a babysitter for a set date in the next couple of weeks, so that you can both go out and enjoy some time as a couple.

An Early Night….

Ok, so you may not have quite the libido you did pre-baby, but once your little one is safely tucked up in bed, a glass of wine and an early night could certainly make this Father’s Day one he’ll remember forever!!