It is never too early to read or share a story with your baby.  They have listened to you and your partner’s voices for the last 9 months, and many babies are comforted and reassured by the sound of your voice.

Not only will you soothe your baby, you will feel great knowing that reading to your baby is developing a wonderful bond between that will last a lifetime, as reading a story to your baby will bring you both infinite pleasure.

National Share a Story Month 2017 - baby reading a board book

What is National Share a Story Month

National Share-A-Story Month (NSSM) is an annual celebration of the power of storytelling and story sharing, providing a fantastic opportunity to fulfill the core aim of the Federation of Children’s Book Group (FCBG) of bringing children and stories together.

Across the country Federation book groups and individuals run a whole host of events. Each year, inspired by a specific theme and working with different organisations National Share-a-story month provide people with resources and opportunities.

So it’s May and that time of year again and the theme for National Share-a-story month 2017 is ‘Picture a Story.’

The aims for the month are –

  • why not celebrate the power of illustrations, particularly in picture books, for all ages and to encourage sharing of picture books
  • to celebrate, appreciate and enjoy pictures in Museums and art galleries and to encourage creative writing using these pictures as starting points
  • encourage youngsters of all ages to draw, illustrate, sketch and tell a story, however simple, through their own pictures and the comic format

Each Federation book group receives a pack of ideas, which they use as a starting point to arrange events and activities in homes, schools or communities during the month of May.

If you would like some ideas about running a competition or getting involved in your local community you can visit their site for ideas.

Please let them know what you have planned and they will celebrate NSSM on the FCBG website!

Some Share a Story events near you…

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