Before we buy anything for our homes, ourselves, or our children, we want to know what other people think.  We want to make sure that we won’t waste our hard earned money, that a product does what it says on the tin and that it will be, above all, safe to have around the home.  With that in mind, we love reviews!  Honest opinions from real people about real products.  Our Now Baby Parent Panel are constantly testing out new baby, toddler and pregnancy related products so that we can provide you with honest, unedited opinions from the people who really know what they’re talking about – other parents!!

How does a product earn a Now Baby Mums Love Award?

Every now and then a product comes along that we wish we’d thought of!  Something so simple, yet effective.  Something that makes your life as a busy parent just that little bit easier.  Or something that does what it’s supposed to do really well!

Each time our reviewers put a product to the test they will assess it for ease of use, value for money and quality, then based on those factors they will award the product a score out of 5.

When a product receives a 5 star score from three or more reviewers we get very excited and because we want everyone to know just how great the product is, we present our our coveted Now Baby Mums Love Award.  It’s as simple as that!

Now Baby Mums Love Award

If you have a product that you like to submit for review, or if you’re a parent with plenty of opinions who’d like to join the Parent Panel, please contact